Dhruv Tara 21st November 2023 Written Update: Bhavosa issues a warning

Dhruv Tara 21st November 2023 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Antara sees Dhruv standing infront of her. Meenakshi is surprise to see that Dhruv is back. Dhruv observes Antara because her height and the quality is matching with Tara. Antara gets worried to see Dhruv is observing her infront of everyone. Surya tells Antara to start distributing the gold. Dhruv disguise himself and stands in the que to see Antara. Antara tells herself that if Dhruv touches her then he will recognise her. Dhruv is confident that Antara is his Tara.


Antara touches a old man while distributing and Bhavosa sees that man is touching Antara. Bhavosa gets angry on that man for touching Antara. Bheera tries attack that man but Antara warns Bheera not to attack. Dhruv finds that Tara has the same quantity of giving warning. The old man request Antara not to give him death sentence for touching her but the old man is ready to sacrifice his hand for touching Antara. Surya tells the old man should not be punish because he hasn’t did this intentionally.

Bhavosa warns everyone if any tries to touch the queen then he will punish for that. Antara tells herself that she wants to convey this message to Dhruv but Dhruv is desparate to know the reality of Antara and he is not bother to sacrifice his life for her. Antara sees that Dhruv is coming near and near to her. Antara tells Sona to distribute the gold and went away from there. Antara tells Surya that she is not felling well and she is going to rest in the room. Dhruv gets curious because Antara went away seeing Dhruv. Surya sees that someone is following Antara and he wants to know. Dhruv stops the women but it’s not Antara. Surya wants to know about the person who went inside the room. Antara gives her odhini to her servant. The women gets angry of Dhruv for stopping her. Dhruv apologies that women.

Dhruv starts remembering the qualities again of Antara is similar to Tara. Surya asks Dhruv that if had see someone in the shawl entering the rooms. Dhruv tells Surya that he hasn’t seen anyone here.

Surya tells Shaurya that he wants to see the craft he made. Surya tells Shaurya that he have made a beautiful painting of his mother and father.

Meenakshi collides with Dhruv nad Dhruv starts picking up the flowers with Meenakshi. Sona and Chandi sees Dhruv and Meenakshi together picking up the flowers and start thinking them as couple. Dhruv wants to meet Antara desparately.

Surya catches Antara’s mangalsutra from falling in the floor. Antara asks Surya that why Dhruv is back . Surya tells Antara that Dhruv has promised him to inform about his wife . Anatar tells Surya that he was unable to find her. Surya asks Antara that how she know about her wife. Surya tells Antara that Dhruv loves his wife so much that he can do anything for her. Antara learns from Surya that Dhruv’s wife is no more is this world and that’s why he told Dhruv to stay with them. Antara tells Surya that Dhruv can’t stay here.

Precap-Panditji tells Bhavosa to starts the rituals but Surya tells Bhavosa that he can do the rituals of wedding. Antara perform the rituals.

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