Dhruv Tara 2nd February 2024 Written Update: Kapali captures Bijli

Dhruv Tara 2nd February 2024 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Bijli refuses her father to go Devgarh. Baba tells Bijli that she will live a luxurious life in Devgarh.Bijli tells Baba that she want a luxurious life  and she don’t want to go Devgarh. Baba tells Bijli that he has promised to Dhruv that Bijli will go Devgarh. Bijli tells Baba to go Devgarh and performance because she has decided that she will not go Devgarh. Baba tells Bijli that he knows that how to convince her. Baba tells Bijli that she has pay mudra otherwise he will sell Mahaveer to the Kapali and he will appoint them as bonded labour. Baba call the Kapali’s and give them Mahaveer. Bijli tries to stop the Kapali’s taking away Mahaveer but the Kapali’s takes away Mahaveer. Baba tells Bijli that if she wants her brother than she will have to go Devgarh.

Bijli tells Dhruv that Baba has sell Mahaveer to the Kapali.Bijli blames Dhruv and curse him. Dhruv assures Bijli that he will bring Mahaveer. Dhurv finds some marks going to the jungle.

The Kapali’s takes Mahaveer with some more boys in the jungle and they were force carry the weapons. The Kapali’s set a trap for Surya.

The men’s of Kapali capture a soldier of Devgarh. The soldier ask to forgive Kapali but the Kapali cuts his head. Mahaveer is scared after seeing Kapali.

Dhruv takes Bijli to find Mahaveer. Dhruv ask Bijli that she have any idea that they have Mahaveer. Bijli tells Dhruv that Mahaveer is very dangerous. Dhruv tells Bijli that he is afraid of Kapali and he wants to rescue her brother . Dhruv and Bijli hears some chanting voice coming from the forests and they start following the voice.

Surya and his soldiers are finding Kapali in the jungle while the men of Kapali is making their moves to attack Surya.

Surya gets a alert that someone is following them and he sees that image from his sword. Surya is confirmed that Kapali has set up a trap for them. Surya ask his soldiers to move and the Kapali’s men start following them. Surya hides himself and his soldiers to attack the Kapali.

The men starts prasing Kapali for the weapons. The Kapali tells his men that Surya will die and he will the become the next ruler of Devgarh.

Dhurv and Bijli finds the groups of Kapali. Dhruv tells Bijli that Kapali is planning to attack. Bijli finds Mahaveer in the group and starts calling Mahaveer but Dhruv stops her. Dhruv decides to attack Kapali with bow and arrow but Bijli tells him to find another way. Dhruv tells Bijli that he will go and free his brother because he is responsible for Mahaveer’s condition.

Whereas the soldiers of Surya attacks at the men of Kapali from behind.

The men of Kapali capture Dhurv.

Precap-Dhruv blast the area with dynamite. Kapali capture Bijli.

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