Dhruv Tara 30th May 2024 Written Update: Brutal fight between Surya and Mahaveer.

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The episode starts with Mahaveer tells Douglas that he waited for long to face Surya. Douglas gives respect to Mahaveer and he is happy that he is taking revenge. Mahaveer tells Douglas that he will take his revenge also. Mahaveer tells Douglas to consider him as a friend. Douglas also tells Mahaveer to consider him as a well wisher. Mahaveer and Douglas waits for Surya.

Sona Chandi tells Dhruv Tara that they will miss her. Dhruv tells Sona Chandi that they will also miss everyone. Tara decide to meet Bhavosa but she learns from Sona Chandi that they have given sleeping pills on their water and she is sleeping. Tara tells Meenakshi that she wants to inform Surya. Tara is worried for Surya but Meenakshi tells Tara that Surya can protect himself and she will inform him on her behalf.

Surya comes to meet Mahaveer in the decided place. Mahaveer tells Surya that he will kill him. Mahaveer bring his army to kill Surya. Mahaveer leans from Surya that he wants to fight with him.

Surya challenges Mahaveer to fight alone. Mahaveer tells Surya that today he will be killed. Surat and Mahaveer fighs will the sword.

John ask Douglas that how did he know that Surya will come. Douglas tells John that Indian believe in unity and he knows that Indian can do anything. Surya and Mahaveer continue to fight. Bhavosa tells Meenakshi to stop Tara otherwise she will take Shaurya. Dhruv,Tara and Shaurya leave from leaving Devgarh. Dhruv Tara walks away. Bhavosa wakes up and cries for Surya Pratap. Meenakshi tells Bhavosa that Tara is fine now. Bhavosa wants to meet Surya but she tries to manage .Bhavosa learns from Sona Chandi that Dhruv Tara are leaving Devgarh. Bhavosa slaps Meenakshi and blames that she has mix something in the water.

Douglas tells John that whoever will fight but he wills the winner.

Bhavosa feels curious to see Shaurya.

Surya and Mahaveer are continuously fight.  Bhavosa prays from Devi that why she has stolen Surya from him.. Bhavosa decide to give the punishment on her self. Bhavosa slaps herself continuously. Surya and Mahaveer  gets tired. Surya thinks Surya and he wakes up.

Shaurya comes back to the Mahal and he wants to meet Surya from the very last time. Tara tells Meenakshi that Shaurya feels curious. Tara tells Meenakshi that she also feel worried for Surya. Sona Chandi takes Shaurya to eat food Surya. Tara runs to the forest to see Surya. Mahaveer and Surya fighs brutally. Surya sees that sign of Vallavgarh in Devgarh.

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