Dhruv Tara 31st May 2024 Written Update: Mahaveer kills Surya Pratap.

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The episode starts with Tara comes to the jungle and she find the rakhi of Mahaveer. Meanwhile Surya ask Mahaveer that did he belongs from Vallavgarh. Mahaveer tells Surya that he is the king of Vallavgarh. Surya tells Mahaveer that he is brother of Tara Priya.

Dhruv tells Dolly to take care and tell her not to tell anything about samay ka chakr and Navranban to anyone. Dolly takes a leave from 17th Century. Dhruv thinks that he will also leave with Tara and Shaurya from this century. Tara watches from the bushes that Surya is fighting with a man. Surya tries to tell the truth to Mahaveer but he didn’t want to hear anything. Mahaveer tells Surya that he will kill him for destroying his dynasty and his army. Tara decide to stop the fights because she thinks that man is fighting like his brother. Surya wants to tell the truth to Mahaveer about Tara but Mahaveer cuts Surya’s head. Tara cries. Mahaveer kills Surya and announces long live Vallavgarh. Tara shouts and Mahaveer turns back to see. Douglas and John is worried. The soldiers surrounds Tara. Tara hides her face with the dupatta and she cries a lot. Vallavgarh soldiers attacks Devgarh’s soldiers. Mahaveer fighs

with the soldiers. Mahaveer takes the responsibility for killing Surya. Mahaveer tells the soldiers to inform Devgarh that he is the new king.

Dhruv comes to the Mahal. Meenakshi tells Dhruv that Bhavosa is punishing herself and Tara has gone to see Surya. Dhruv tells Meenakshi that he will have to find Tara anyhow and he rushes to see Surya but suddenly he meets Tara. Meenakshi ask the soldiers that where is Surya. The soldiers tells Meenakshi that she will not be able to meet Surya anymore. Dhruv remove the tray and find Surya’s head. Surya reads the letter in which Mahaveer ask them to surrender otherwise he will kill everyone. Tara tells Dhruv that person is a coward who killed Surya. Dhruv tells Tara that how will they manage to say the truth to Shaurya. Tara tells Dhruv that she will tell the truth to Shaurya. Sona Chandi insists Shaurya to take lunch but Shaurya denies to eat. Shaurya ask Tara that where is his father. Tara tells Shaurya that his father died in the battle field and he is a brave successor. Tara tells Shaurya that his father is fearless soldiers who sacrifice his life for the kingdom. Tara tells Shaurya that his father die in the battle field and his father should get respect. Shaurya tells Tara that  his father will be given full respect and he will not cry. Tara takes the promise from Shaurya that he will not cry. Bhavosa keep hurting herself. Bhavosa tells the soldiers to tell Surya that he will have to apologies Bhavosa. Dhruv tells Bhavosa that her Surya has arrives. Bhavosa wants to meet Surya. Meenakshi tells Bhavosa that her Surya is no more in this world. Bhavosa remove the clothes and sees the head of Surya Pratap. Bhavosa feels broken when she sees the head. Bhavosa pays the tribute and respect to Surya’s head.

Bhavosa takes the head of Surya. Tara tells Shaurya to see the head of Surya. Shaurya pays the tribute to Surya’s head and take the head. Shaurya walks with the head with his beautiful memories and kept in the throne.

Precap-Douglas tells Mahaveer that Devgarh is not accepting him as the king. Mahaveer decide to attack Devgarh Mahal. Tara learns that the enemy has captured Devgarh.

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