Dhruv Tara 3rd April 2024 Written Update: Tara’s strategy to stop Dhruv.

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The episode starts with Tara search for Dhruv in the Mahal but he is drinking wine alone. Tara sees Dhruv drinking wine and tries to snatch the wine from him. Dhruv tells Tara that he is not a child and ask her to leave him alone. Dhruv remember that Surya tells him to kiss Tara and prove that he is a man. Tara ask Dhruv that what he is doing. Dhruv tells Tara that he is kissing his wife. Tara pushes Dhruv and ask him to stay in a limit. Dhruv gets back his senses and confess Tara that he has drunk.

Dhruv feels guilty that he tries to touch her forcefully . Dhruv tells he is a bad man. Tara tells Dhruv that it’s alright and he has apologise her. Tara tries to console Dhruv but Dhruv tells her that he is not a child and don’t pamper him like a child. Dhruv tells Tara to remember that she tells Shaurya that he is a child. Dhruv tells Tara that he has thrown the flower jewellery in the dustbin. Tara tells Dhruv that she has thrown in the bin. Dhruv breaks the jewellery and shouts that he is not capable to call her husband. Dhruv tells Tara that he wants her love not pity. Tara hugs Dhruv and tries to convince him but Dhruv tells Tara that she is wasting her life because of him. Dhruv walks away and take his luggage. Tara is crying.

Surya thinks that his plan is getting successful because wants to leave Mahal. Tara tells Kanhaji that she wants her help because it has crossed the limit. Surya ask Dhruv that where is he going. Dhruv tells Surya that he is going to meet Tara for the last time and wants to carry some food. Surya tells Dhruv that he can give the food along with the fruits but he will not allow him to meet Tara because she will get hurt if he leaves her. Dhruv convince with Surya’s suggestions and decides to leave the Mahal without meeting Tara. Dhruv confess Surya that he hasn’t kiss Tara and gives him suggestions that he should misbehave with her. Dhruv tells Surya that he must become capable for Tara. Dhruv walks away but Meenakshi stop Dhruv. Sona Chandi informs Surya about a incident. Meenakshi tells Dhruv that Tara is in a big problem and she needs his helps. Dhruv tells Meenakshi that he is not capable for Tara. Meanwhile Surya walks to see Tara. Surya ask Tara that why she is this place.

Tara waits for Dhruv and finally Dhruv comes to see Tara. Tara tells that she is not feeling not well and she needs a moon for aarti. Surya tells Tara that moon is in the sky and how can he brings the moon but Tara tells that she needs the moon somehow. Tara tells Surya that she needs the moon and till then she will not eat anything. Dhruv tells Tara that she will get whatever she wants but she will have to eat first.  Tara denies to eat and she desperately need the moon. Dhruv tells Tara that Surya is right and it’s not possible to get the moon. Tara tells Dhruv that she loves the moon and she needs it. Tara tells Surya that she will not comprises. Tara tells Surya and Dhruv that everything is possible in true love. Tara demandd Surya and Dhruv that she needs the moon. Dhruv thinks that he was about to leave the Mahal but he can’t leave her because she hasn’t eat anything.  Surya walks away and Dhruv thinks that how can he fulfil Tara’s demand. Tara did this to encourage Dhruv.

Surya tells Bheera that Dhruv will fail to bring the moon. Bheera tells Surya that this will make Dhruv lost his confidence. Surya tells Bheera that he will make the fake moon for Tara anyhow. Dhruv also thinks that how will manage to bring the moon.

Precap-Shaurya helps Dhruv to get the moon. Meanwhile Surya gets angry on the craftsman because he fails to complete the fake moon. Meenakshi informs Surya that Dhruv has bring the moon.

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