Dhruv Tara 3rd June 2024 Written Update: Tara meets Mahaveer.

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The episode starts with Mahaveer enters Rajmahal but he didn’t find anyone. Mahaveer tells his soldiers to move forward but they find a trap. Mahaveer thinks that who has set this trap. The soldier tells Mahaveer that it might be Ranisa. The other soldiers inform Mahaveer that Ranisa and other women are in a room in which men are not allowed. Surya tells the soldiers to move forward and kill everyone who comes in the way of them and even he wants to kill the heir of the throne. Tara attacks Mahaveer’s army while Dhruv disguise himself and try to take the dead body of Surya. The soldiers feels suspicious about Dhruv and they told Dhruv that he is an informed. The soldiers try to kill Dhruv but suddenly Maan saves Dhruv.

Mahaveer and his soldiers surrounded by fire but they fight with the fire. Bhavosa wants to go out to face the enemy but Tara stops her. Mahaveer breaks the door of the room and he sees that many women are standing infront of him with burning coal. Tara and other women attacks them but the soldiers save Mahaveer. Tara try to attach with bow and arrow but Mahaveer stops the bow. Mahaveer receives a letter from Tara in which Tara gives him warning.

Maan tells Dhruv that he don’t wants other person to burn Surya’s  dead body. Maan tells Dhruv that he is not doing for the throne. Dhruv thanks Maan for saving him. Dhruv tells Maan that he don’t know who are these men.

Mahaveer sees the idol of Kanhaji and sees a girl is standing infront of him with a sword. Mahaveer remembers that Tara also knows how to manage sword. Mahaveer and Tara starts fighting. Tara fights with bravely and takes Mahaveer’s sword. Mahaveer thinks that why Tara is fighting like Tara. Maan show the painting of Mahaveer. Meanwhile Tara continues to fight with Mahaveer. Tara kicks Mahaveer while he is trying to take control on Tara. Tara rapidly fights with the sword. Maan tells Dhruv that he is the biggest and oldest enemy of Devgarh. Dhruv recognise that it’s Mahaveer and he is fighting with Tara without knowing her.

Tara fights back Mahaveer. Tara sees a rakhi. In Mahaveer’s hand which reminds in about her brother. Tara finds the rakhi is same. Tara wants to know who is he and he wants to see the face. Tara tries to remove the clothes from Mahaveer’s face but Mahaveer pushes her and attack with his sword. Dhruv saves Tara . Mahaveer sees a rakhi dropping from Tara’s hand. Mahaveer reminds of Tara. Mahaveer faces Dhruv infront of him and he recognise him. Dhruv remove the veil from Tara’s face and Mahaveer is surprise to see Tara alive. Tara remove the clothes from Mahaveer’s face. Mahaveer and Tara starts crying seeing each other. Tara saves Mahaveer from Bhavosa’s attack. Bhavosa starts yelling at Tara and she wants to know why she has save. Tara tells Bhavosa that he is her brother and the king of Vallavgarh.

Precap-Tara tells Mahaveer that he will punish him. Mahaveer tells Tara that he will sit in the throne . Tara denies to be in Mahaveer’s side. Mahaveer aims bow to Tara.

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