Dhruv Tara 4th April 2024 Written Update: Shaurya helps Dhruv to get the moon.

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The episode starts with Dhruv thinks that how will he bring the moon otherwise Tara will not eat anything. Dhruv tells Meenakshi that according to science a person can stay alive if he or she doesn’t eat for 4 days. Bhavosa ask Dhruv that what is he discussing with Meenakshi . Dhruv tells Bhavosa to help him to get the moon and anything is possible for her. Bhavosa tells Dhruv that she is just a queen not Hanuman ji. Dhruv tells Bhavosa to help him to get a rocket but Bhavosa don’t know the meaning of rocket. Dhruv explains Bhavosa that a rocket can fly and it runs with dynamite. Dhruv tells Bhavosa that he wants to go to sky to bring the moon. Bhavosa scolds at Dhruv and tells him that she can’t give him rocket.

Meanwhile Surya tells the craftsman to make a fake moon fast and immediately. The craftsman man tells Surya that it will take 3 days to complete the tast. Surya wants the moon to be complete in 3 hours. Surya tells the craftsman that he will grant a reward if they complete the tast otherwise he will them.

Meenakshi tells Dhruv to eat. Bheera keeps an eye on Dhruv according to Surya. Dhruv tells Meenakshi that he will eat later and he tells Meenakshi that he knows where is the rocket. Dhruv tells Meenakshi to give him a promise that she will not tell anyone. Meenakshi gives the promise. Dhruv tells Meenakshi that he will get the rocket in Agra. Dhruv ask Meenakshi to come with him. Bheera also follows them to Agra.

Shaurya comes with food for Tara and request her to eat the food. Tara cleans Shaurya’s hand and gives him the first bite. Tara tells Shaurya that she will eat later because she is not hungry. Tara tells Shaurya to go his room and play. Tara calls Surya and tells him that his plan is failed. Tara tells Surya that she needs the moon then only she will eat.

Dhruv takes Meenakshi through the jungle and Bheera is following them. Meenakshi tells Dhruv that we needs cart to travel Agra. Dhruv tells Meenakshi that we can go Agara through a cave. Bheera is confused. Dhruv tells Meenakshi about the Samay ka dwar. Bheera thinks that Dhruv is disgusting. Dhruv show samay ka dwar to Meenakshi and Bheera is following them.

Surya tells Tara that he will get the moon for him but first she will have to eat. Tara tells Surya that she will cut her neck if he tries to force her. Surya tells Tara that he will fulfill her wish. Tara hopes that Dhruv will achieve the moon for her.

Dhruv and Meenakshi enters Samay ka dwar and they find that there is no such machine in it. Dhruv tells Meenakshi that he is confirmed about the machine. Meenakshi tells Dhruv to return back to Mahal. Dhruv cries and tells Meenakshi that he is not capable of Tara .

Tara believes that Dhruv will bring her the moon. Dhruv returns back to the Mahal. Shaurya helps Dhruv to find the moon by showing a painting. Dhruv tells Shaurya that his painting will not help him but Shaurya is determined that he will help Dhruv. Shaurya tells Dhruv to see the painting carefully and the god will help him. Dhruv gets the idea to bring the moon and he hugs Shaurya with joy. Dhurv tells Shaurya that he is a intelligent.

The craftsman informs Surya that the moon is half completed. Meenakshi informs Surya that Dhruv has bring the moon.

Precap-Tara ask Dhruv that where is the moon. Dhruv tells Tara that moon is on the way. Surya shows the fake moon to Tara.

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