Dhruv Tara 5th June 2024 Written Update: Bhavosa’s plan to take revenge.

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The episode starts with Tara telling Mahaveer that he is a murderer of an innocent man. Mahaveer tells Tara that he has killed a cruel enemy. Tara cleans Mahaveer’s hand and tells him that Surya’s blood is not going away from his hands. Tara tells Mahaveer that he has killed Surya alone with his soldiers. Tara tells Mahaveer that he has done injustice to Surya. Tara tells Mahaveer that she wants to punish him for the murder of Surya. Tara puts the handcuffs to Mahaveer to kill Surya. Mahaveer tells Tara that she is taking the favour of a cruel king.

Shaurya wants to know from Dhruv who is killer if his father because he wants to take revenge. Dhruv finds that Shaurya’s behaviour has changed.
Mahaveer reminds Tara that Surya destroyed Vallavgarh after the earthquake. Tara tells Mahaveer that Surya has established another Vallavgarh and he protects her always. Mahaveer tells Tara that Surya takes Shaurya in the return of his hands.

Mahaveer reminds Tara of what Surya has done to conquer her. Tara remembers all the incidences. Tara is speechless but Surya wants the answer anyhow. Tara accepts but she tells Mahaveer that Surya apologizes for his mistake and he organises a remarriage of her with Dhruv. Mahaveer tells Tara that he can kill anyone to take the revenge of Vallavgarh. Mahaveer tells Tara that he will kill every king who didn’t help him in bad times. Mahaveer wants to become powerful. Tara tells Mahaveer that her brother doesn’t like voilonece so he is not her brother. Mahaveer tells Tara to think properly. Tara tells Mahaveer that she has decided to take the criminal. Mahaveer tells Tara to say the final good bye to Surya’s dead body and come back to him. Tara tells Surya that she is determined to take him back. Mahaveer tells Tara that he will sit on the throne tomorrow after the sunrise. Tara tells Mahaveer that she will take him. Mahaveer aims the bow and warns her. Tara tells Mahaveer that she is not too scared to die. Sona requests Mahaveer and comes to take Tara. Mahaveer hits the bow and warns Tara that his aim didn’t miss.

Meenakshi tells Bhavosa that the arrangement of Antim Sanskar has been done. Bhavosa tells Meenakshi that she wants to take revenge. Meenakshi tells Bhavosa that Tara fails to punish Mahaveer. Bhavosa tells Meenakshi that she will take revenge.

Mahaveer tells himself that Surya has created a misunderstanding between him and her sister. Maan comes to attend the Antim Sanskar. Sona Chandi tells Maan that he must fight for Devgarh but Maan comes to take the throne.

Tara prays Kanhaji to help her. Bhavosa comes to Tara and wants the head of Mahaveer. Bhavosa gives a substance to Tara which makes her sleep. Bhavosa wants Tara to be Sati in Surya’s Aarthi.

Precap-Maan tells Mahaveer that Tara will be Sati in Surya’s antim sanskar.

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