Dhruv Tara 6th June 2024 Written Update: Mahaveer saves Tara from Sati.

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The episode starts with Mahaveer trying to touch the throne but Bhavosa stops and warns him. Mahaveer tells Bhavosa that his Surya was a very bad man. Bhavosa tells Mahaveer that he is a very cruel man. Mahaveer tells Bhavosa that he is controlling himself and from now onwards she doesn’t have any control in Devgarh and this is now Vallavgarh. Bhavosa tells Mahaveer that he will have to pay for what he has done and soon Vallavgarh will remember.

Bhavosa prays to Kul Devi Maa to help her in her test and revenge.
Mahaveer tells himself that he will sit on the throne in the presence of Bhavosa and he orders the soldiers to arrest all the family members after the Antim Sanskar.

Surya’s Antim Sanskar arrangement has been done. Meenakshi asks Bhavosa for Tara. Bhavosa tied a blind fold in Shaurya’s eyes. Bhavosa tells Shaurya that she doesn’t want him to see the burning body and she wants him to take the revenge. Shaurya promises Bhavosa that he will take the revenge and allow her to tie the blind fold. Bhavosa tells Shaurya to chant Rani Sati ki Jai. Shaurya starts chanting. Dhruv is shocked to hear the chantings and he sees Tara in the Chita. Dhruv realizes that Bhavosa is making Tara Sati and he tries to stop but the soldiers take Dhruv and Meenakshi.

Bhavosa is determined to take revenge. Maan comes to Mahaveer with his sword and surrenders himself. Mahaveer asks Maan why he surrenders himself. Maan tells Mahaveer that Devgarh has always shown cruelty on Vallavgarh but he will stand for justice. Maan tells Mahaveer that his sister is against him and it’s all because of Surya. Maan wants to be Senapati in his army.

Mahaveer asks Maan that what will do after becoming the Senapati. Maan tells Mahaveer that he will protect his sister and he wants to tell him that Bhavosa has plan to make Tara Sati in Surya’s Antim Sanskar. Maan wants to become Senapati but Mahaveer tells Maan that he is enough to save his sister. Mahaveer gets angry and rush to save his sister. Maan tells himself that it’s his plan and by the time he will teach his sister will turn into ashes. The soldiers kept Meenakshi and Dhruv in the Mahal in an unconscious state. Shaurya performs the rituals for the Antim Sanskar. Dhruv wakes up and rushes to save Tara but the soldiers stop him.

Bhavosa tells Shaurya to come forward and give the Agni to the one who has given him life. Meanwhile Dhruv fights with the soldiers and Mahaveer runs fast to save Tara. Dhruv tries to stop Shaurya but Bhavosa holds the Agni and burns the Chita. Mahaveer takes Tara from the burning Chita and Devgarh’s soldiers try to attack Mahaveer but Dhruv saves Mahaveer from the attack. Bhavosa balmes Dhruv and Mahaveer for failing his plan and she will take the revenge anyhow.

Precap-Tara challenges Mahaveer to fight her for the throne.

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