Dhruv Tara 7th June 2024 Written Update: Tara challenges Mahaveer.

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The episode starts with Mahaveer carry Tara in his arms and ask Rajvaidh to do the treatment of Tara immediately. Meanwhile Surya Antim Sanskar has been done and Dhruv starts yelling at Bhavosa for doing injustice with Tara. Bhavosa yells at Dhruv for interrupting her to take the revenge. Mahaveer throws the flag if Devgarh in the fire. Mahaveer announces the war is over and he will sit in the throne tomorrow morning. Mahaveer screams Jai Vallavgarh Amar Vallavgarh.

Shaurya tries to wake up Tara and ask her to talk. Mahaveer comes to see Tara. Mahaveer ask Shaurya about his relation to Tara. Shaurya tells Mahaveer that he is son of Tara. Shaurya tells Mahaveer that he has been sent by Kanhaji to save his mother. Shaurya thanks Mahaveer and takes his blessings. Shaurya tells Mahaveer that he is unable to save his father. Mahaveer shows some mercy to Shaurya but Mahaveer reminds that Shaurya is Surya Partap aslo. Mahaveer walks away without giving him the blessings. Dhruv thinks that he will not tell Shaurya that Mahaveer has kill him. Dhruv assures Shaurya that his mother will be fine soon. Dhruv tells Shaurya to give last good to Surya.  Surya Partap’s body is still burning and all the Devgarh are in pain. Shaurya misses his father and he only think about his father.

Mahaveer sits besides Tara and wait for her to wake up. Mahaveer feels guilty and sorry for not giving blessings to Shaurya. Mahaveer is scared to loss her permanently. Dhruv is confused of what he will do now because the condition has become more critical.

Tara wakes up and ask Sona that why she has dress like bride. Sona tells Tara that she was about to perform Sati but Mahaveer saves her.

Dhruv thanks Mahaveer for saving Tara. Mahaveer wants to ask Dhruv that why he was unable to save Tara. Dhruv explains Mahaveer that he fought for Tara but Mahaveer blames Dhruv that he is a coward. Mahaveer ask Dhruv that where he was when Surya was torturing Tara. Dhruv tells Mahaveer that he was about to take Tara to the 21st century and he has not leave Tara. Mahaveer tells Dhruv that he is a coward. Dhruv tells Mahaveer that he should be ashamed of pointing sword to his sister and he always love the throne. Mahaveer tells Dhruv that he is doing this for his motherland and the people of the Vallavgarh. Mahaveer tells Dhruv that he will finish that person who comes between him and Tara. Mahaveer sees Tara  and he show his happiness. Tara thanks Mahaveer for saving her from the sati. Mahaveer tells Tara that Bhavosa plans to kill her because she is his weakness. Mahaveer tells Tara that tomorrow he will sit in the throne and he wants to stand beside him not against him. Mahaveer tells Tara that today she must realise that who is her own.

A man announces that Mahaveer has conquered Devgarh and he is going to sit in the throne. Mahaveer walkd away towards throne. Mahaveer handcuffs Bhavosa,Sona Chandi and Meenakshi. Tara tells Mahaveer that he can’t sit in the throne because Shaurya is now the king of Devgarh. Mahaveer tells Tara that he can throw Shaurya in a moment. Mahaveer challenge who can fight him for the throne. Tara accept the challenge and ready to fight. Tara tells Mahaveer that she knows the importance of the people of Devgarh. Tara tells Mahaveer that he has been changed and she will fight till the last breath for Devgarh.

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