Dhruv Tara 8th June 2024 Written Update: Shaurya meets his Mahaveer Mama.

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The episode starts with Dhruv stops Tara to challenge Mahaveer. Tara tells Dhruv that she is fighting with the competitor of the throne and murderer of the throne. Tara tells Dhruv that she is fighting with the enemy who doesn’t show mercy to women and children. Mahaveer tells Tara that she knew her brother can left the throne but now the person who is sitting in the throne is his enemy’s son. Tara tells Mahaveer that the child is also her son. Mahaveer tells Tara that Shaurya is still alive because he is Tara’s son. Mahaveer walks to the throne and sees Shaurya. Mahaveer tells Shaurya that his mother is his sister. Tara tells Shaurya to take the blessings of Mahaveer because he is his Mama.

Shaurya takes the blessings and tells him give the blessings to protect the throne of Devgarh. Shaurya ask for the blessings. Mahaveer gives the blessings to Shaurya to live long and may the best win the throne. Shaurya tells Mahaveer that his Mama is his with him along with his mother and now he will defeat Vanraj. Dhruv tells Shaurya not to talk someone about like this and h wants to meet Vanraj. Mahaveer tells Shaurya that he thinks that Vanraj has changed his mind to sit in the throne. Shaurya hugs Mahaveer and tells him that his Mama is with him. Dhruv thinks to take Shaurya away to avoid tension between Tara and Mahaveer. Dhruv takes Shaurya from there. Mahaveer ask Tara that she didn’t tell him about Adhinayak Vanraj. Tara tells Mahaveer that she will not say anything to Shaurya until he leave the decision to sit in the throne.. mahaveer tells Tara that he is ready to accept the challenge.

Bhavosa tells Tara that he feels guilty on her decision to make him sati. Bhavosa apologies Tara and she just wants Mahaveer to learn a lesson. Meenakshi reminds Bhavosa that she is wrong and she  has not done the Antim Sanskar properly to Surya. Tara tells Meenakshi that she knows the pain of Bhavosa and if she will on her place then she will do the same thing. Bhavosa gives the blessings to win the battle. Shaurya gets angry on Bhavosa for trying to burn in the sati. Tara scolds at Shaurya for misbehaving with Bhavosa and ask him to apologise Bhavosa. Shaurya apologies Bhavosa and hugs Bhavosa. Shaurya misses his father and he remembers his each and every word. Shaurya speaks to Surya’s painting and tell him that his enemy is afraid to face him. Dhruv tells Shaurya that whenever he wants to cry then he can cry in his soldiers also. Dhruv thinks that he is helpless that he can say anything to Shaurya and he wants to take in 21st century where he can start a new life. Dhruv tells Shaurya that he will sing a lullaby for him.  Dhruv takes Shaurya in his arms and starts singing lullaby. Dhruv keeps the hands of Surya in Shaurya’s forehead. Shaurya falls asleep and Dhruv leaves quickly to stop the fight between Tara and Mahaveer.

Mahaveer thinks about his sister and he ready hid sword. Dhruv tells Mahaveer that he can’t fight with his sister. Mahaveer blames Dhruv and give the responsibility to him for the fight between Tara and Mahaveer.

Mahaveer tells Dhruv that he has is coward man now who fails to save his wife. Mahaveer tells Dhruv that he doesn’t care about Shaurya if he stays alive or die. Dhruv gets angry on Mahaveer for using wrong words against Shaurya. Dhruv wants to tell the truth to Mahaveer but he afraid what he will do after knowing the fact. Dhruv tells Mahaveer that he have a relationship with Tara. Mahaveer tells Dhruv that his sister has gone mad because she is fighting with her own brother. Mahaveer tells Dhruv that he will not trust him further and now onwards he will take care of his sister.

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