Did Asim Riaz think that Khatron Ki Khiladi is yet another Bigg Boss?

By Anil Merani: Asim Riaz, who rose to prominence through his aggressive persona on Bigg Boss 13, has learned that anger and outbursts don’t always yield positive results. His Khatron Ki Khiladi 14 journey was abruptly cut short when he engaged in a heated argument with none other than the show’s host, Rohit Shetty, following a failed stunt. This incident, a clear violation of the show’s rules, led to his disqualification.

Asim made the cardinal sin of challenging the established norms of Bollywood, which immediately put him in his place.

We guess Asim thought that he was back in Bigg Boss where he could say and do what he wanted,  But he forgot that  he has to be more cautious and mindful of his Actions in other shows.

If Asim is not brought back, as often as such stunts happen, it could be a body blow for his career. Post Bigg Boss, he did not move to the next level. He did not get films, TV, or web series, nor did he net major brands

No doubt aggression helped him in Bigg Boss, but then that is where it should have ended

Ideally, he should have got Khatron Ki Khiladi immediately after Bigg Boss as Colors regularly does.  Hence, Asim should have treated Khatron with kids’ gloves. But maybe got overwhelmed by the big moment and emotions.  He should have kept his anger in check but let go, which cost him.

Regardless of what the future holds, it is crucial for Asim to learn to control his anger. Only then can he clear the path for a successful life and career, potentially opening doors to new opportunities and growth.