Dil Diyaan Gallaan 10th August 2023 Written Update: Rana decides to find his birth truth

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Episode begins with Veer and Dollar clean beauty parlor. Meanwhile, Riya and Amrita clean the kitchen. Riya tells Amrita that she never saw Sanjot like this. Veer says that he would not have believed if he did not witness it then. And says that he was worried about this only and Sanjot is not habituated to all this. Amrita tells him that Sanjot don’t need protection. Riya says that Dilpreet and Sanjot need each other.


Amrita says that sweets business is good one and they will get profit for sure. And says Sanjot is doing all this for them. Dollar asks her that how she know they will get profit when they did not even start the business. She asks him to talk to Guru to get clear idea. He asks her that who is Guru. Riya tells him about Guru. She says that Veer and Dollar are hopeless because they did nothing for Sanjot. She asks them to motivate Sanjot if they can’t help her then.

On the other hand, Maan brings icecream for Sanjot. Sanjot refuses to eat it. He convinces her and feeds her. He asks her that if she is feeling good. She tells him that she was confident but now she feel like burden in this world. He tells her that she tried at this age so it’s commendable. He says that they learns from mistake. He asks her to forget it and move on now. She asks him that if he thinks she did wrong by trying. He tells her that he did not meant that. He asks her to take rest.

Rana comes there and tells Sanjot that he want to talk to her. Maan tells him that he is talking to Sanjot already. Rana tells him that he want to talk about his birth. He says that Sanjot never talks about his birth story but she talks about Maan’s birth story. Maan tells him that Sanjot is sad because her sample got rejected so the latter should go. Rana says that it’s good because if Sanjot started business and she faced loss then that must be worse.

Sanjot gets angry at them. She asks Maan that if he stopped trying when his license got cancelled. She asks Rana that if he stopped trying when his shop got closed. She says that her pain is still pain even though she started recently. She pushes them out of the room and close the door. Rana says that today also Sanjot did not tell his birth story and leaves from there.

Amrita and Riya talks to Guru on a video call. Dilpreet sees them. Nimrit tells Rana that Dilpreet destroyed her parlor. Rana tells himself that he will find out he born in this house or not. He calls someone and asks to conduct DNA test of him and his parents and leaves from there.

Next day, Dilpreet and Sanjot ignores each other. Dilpreet wears his security uniform. He asks his friend Harneet that if everything is fine. Harneet feels bad.

Guru tells Amrita that Ram will come to gurudwara for sure. He tries to convince Sanjot to make barfi. Sanjot says that she won’t make barfi. Riya tells her that Ram will come to gurudwara and it’s last try. Dollar, Veer, Guru, Amrita and Riya requests Sanjot to try one last time. Sanjot goes inside. Riya says that they won’t back off. Amrita agrees with her. Dilpreet gets shocked seeing Maan.

Episode ends.

Precap – Dilpreet joins his work. Sanjot finds security guard card.

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