Dil Diyan Gallan: Amrita to side with Maan in front of Dilpreet?

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Sab TV brand new show Dil Diyan Gallan is all set to entertain the viewers with it’s fresh storyline. Amrita lives with her family in New York and she has some past hurtful experience in India related to her grandparents. The leads of the show Paras Arora and Kaveri Priyam have been introduced as Amrita and Veer. It will be interesting to watch how Amrita comes back to India and sort out all the unsolved issues in her family.

In previous episode Veer can’t get the network so he searches outside.v There Amrita thanks Adi for doing her work. She then gets shocked knowing Dilpreet will talk to Maan. Nimrit gets angry as Dilpreet is giving priority to Maan and not Randeep. Maan picks the call and says hello but Dilpreet disconnects it as he was influenced by Nimrit. Sanjot gets happy to hear Maan’s voice after 25 years. Maan also gets a thought that his parents want to talk to him. Later Amrita scolds Veer for contacting Maan as she can’t see Dilpreet cursing her father. Veer asks her to focus on their mission to defeat Kushwant. Kushwant sends sweets to Dilpreet’s house stating the land will be given to him in three days.

In future episode viewers will see Dilpreet will talk ill about Maan and Amrita will say what if he is being framed. Dilpreet will tell her he doesn’t think so. Amrita will add he never understood Maan.

Will Dilpreet learn about Amrita’s truth?

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