Dil jaise dhadke dhadakne do 14th March 2020 Written Update: Iti tries to convince Devguru.

Today’s episode begins with Yug tells his friend that I didn’t understand what the astrologer was saying and he didn’t even tell us where the Iti is. His friend says, so what do we need to do now, meanwhile he saw a random woman beats her husband as he cheated on her and she learned all this from his phone.

And then Yuga came up with the new plan, he ask his friend to steal Om’s mobile phone so that they would know where is Iti . On the other hand people are coming from America for Devi and Bhavini tied Iti’s hands with rope. Iti asks her why you are doing this. Says Bhavini, so that you can sit properly for 15 hours.

After a while Devguru arrives and he starts worshiping the goddess with other people, they bring lots of gifts for goddess. And Abir asks Bhavini if ​​she can sit for 15 hours because a lot of devotion is coming for her. Bhavani says, don’t worry I tied her.

Devguru goes from there, while Iti starts struggling to open her rope, when her rope becomes untied , she runs for Devguru while Bhavini and Abir also run after her. Iti tells Devguru that she feels uncomfortable, so she does not want to meet other devotees. Bhavini asks Iti why you have come here, there are many people waiting for your blessings. Devguru says, Bhavini Devi does not feel comfortable there because her body is still weak so do not force the goddess. Bhavini says but Devguru it doesn’t look good if devotees will wait for Devi they have come from far away to only meet Devi.

Devguru shouts on Bhavini and says, if Devi don’t want to meet them so it’s her choice you can’t force Devi for anything and By the why are you looking restless. Bhavini no Devguru i was just worried about the devotees. Devguru says, tell devotees to have some patience otherwise they can leave Asram.

Meanwhile a girl came to Bhavini and tells her that devotees wants to meet you. Here devotees asks Bhavini why Devi runs from there, we think that she is not a Devi but a normal girl. Bhavini says, you guys keep some patience Devi will meet you at night as right now she runs from here because she wants to do meditation. On the other hand Yug throw some mud on Om. Om asks them who are you and why are you doing this to me while Yug steal his phone and went from there.

Episode ends with Iti asks Devguru why are you calling me Devi and Devguru Soothe his curiosity and later Bhavini come to Iti when she is sleeping and make some fake eyes on Iti’s eyelet so that she can fool devotees.

Precap : Om’s lost his phone and his mother shouts on him as that phone contains lot’s of secrets.