Dil Jaise Dhadke.. Dhadakne Do 17th March 2020 Written Update: Bhavini cunning plan

Today’s episode starts with Abir who massage Bhavini’s feet and tells her that plan your is working on everyone and now we getting a lot of money  . Bhavini says, but today i am really tired , i just hope that Iti fall into our trap as tomorrow is sthapna and we can get more benifits. Abir says, don’t worry if a knowledgeable person like Devguru can trust in miracle of goddess then Iti is just a small child she will also believe. On the other side Iti is thinking about today’s story meanwhile Devguru come and asks her what are you thinking Devi.

Iti asks him do i really have magic that can cure people. Devguru answers her that ofcourse,  only because of you today that boy cured from his polio. After a while Iti saw something in garden she asks Devguru what they are Devguru tells her that they are firefly. Iti asks how does it shine. Devguru says, they get their shine from you, not only they but moon, sun and nine celestial bodies of universe they all are shiny because of you.

Yug is prepair to going for Banasras, his friends says, this time come with Iti, we all wants to meet her. Do not come with empty hands like before. Later before Yug going  to Banaras he come and hug his mother. He asks her your body temperature is hight. Do you caught fever. She says, maybe but i need to complete my work. Yug asks her to take some rest but she refuses as this work is very important for her otherwise we will  lose money.

Here Iti and Devguru Offer water to sun god then Devguru asks Iti to prepare for tomorrow sthapna function as many people will come here to get your blessings. Iti says but i am afraid of rush. Devguru tells her that don’t worry i am with you. Later Bhavini come asks Iti to come with her as this is your lunch time . Iti went with her while Bhavini thinks just wait for little longer and you will believe that you are a goddess. Yuga on the other hand works to repay her mother’s debt.

When Iti starts eating her food suddenly Light went of at first Iti gets scared but later she saw her mother as this is Bhavini’s plan to convince Iti that she is blessed with divine powers. Iti’s mother tell her that you are really a goddess and came from heaven to tell you this. Later Iti believes that she is really a Devi as her mother never lies to her.

Precap : Yug come to Banaras Aasram and ask Iti to leave with him.