Dil Jaise Dhadke.. Dhadakne Do 18th March 2020 Written Update: Iti believes that she is deity.

Today’s episode starts with Bhavini, come to Iti and asks her Iti you haven’t eaten your food yet, Iti says, i am not just Iti, i am goddess. Devguru was right, Bhavini says, Devi why don’t you go to Devguru he will feels good after hearing it. Iti then come to Devguru and tells him that you are always be  right i am goddess. Devguru filled with joy after hearing this he kneels in front of Iti and take her blessings, while asking but Devi how did you get to know your originality.

Iti tells him that her mother came from heaven and tells her that she is Devi and she is born to help people. And that’s how i believe in myself that i am goddess. And that’s why my father leaves me here so that i can do something for this universe. So Shiv from today onwards i will be with you just like best friends.

On the other hand, Yuga helps his mother in his work, later her mother calls him and asks him to come early as she is not feeling well and her fever has also increased.  Yug says, I will be back soon.  He goes and asks a woman to give him money, as he needs to buy  some medicine for his mother.  The woman scolds him for making unnecessary demands as you poor people always lie for money. And then that lady throw Yug from her house.

Yug feels extremely sad as these rich people are extremely cruel and heartless. Here Iti trying to do some miracle she asks a stone to fly but when that doesn’t fly she asks Shiv why this stone can’t fly. Shiv aka Devguru tells her that you don’t need to do all of this as there is already a airplane which can fly. You only need to lighten up this dark world and for this you need to meditation and then he tells her to get ready for shudhikaran as this is must before sthapna puja.

There Yug is taking care of his mother and after a while his friend came and asks him not to go Banaras as your mother has fever. Yug says, he already feeling better now so now i am about to leave from here and if my mother ask to you where i am, then tell her that i am in Kashi’s house for studies. Meanwhile Devguru bring Iti to a place Iti find that place very beautiful later Bhavini come and ask Devguru why are you calling me here. Devguru says prepare Devi for sathapna puja and Iti says to her let’s go Bhavini. Bhavini gets suprised by Iti’s sudden change.

The episode ends with Om’s mother who gets nervous as Yug  knows about their secrets.  And now she does not know what he will do next.

Precap : Devguru gets to  know about Bhavini’s ture intentions.