Dil Jaise Dhadke Dhadakne Do 20th February 2020 Written Update: Bhavni’sture intention

Today’s episode starts with. Itidon’t want to speak with Yug. But Yug is happy as Itistarts speaking fast without stutter. On the other side Devguru put salt on his injury and thinking about Devi. Bhavni came, she asks Devguru why you doing this. Devguru said maybe I didn’t work hard enough .

That’s why Devi leaves me. Bhavni said you work hard Devguru and this is happening because of Sanjay. And she thinks what Devguru wants do next.

Here, Yug put paper mask on his face as Itisaid she don’t want to see his face. He asks Itiis this okay. Iti starts laughing. Yug said if you want laugh then laugh thoroughly. Iti said i don’t want to. There Sanjay thinks about media as they can help him.

Prerna said media can’t help him and now she also can’t help  him as she takesmoney from Bhavni to save her NGO. And Bhavni suggest her. To stay away from ashram. Sanjay wants leave. Prerna said if you want to save your friend i suggest you. Keep Devguru away from Bhavni as her intonation is not so good. While Devguruis innocent man.

Here, comes Abeer. Bhavni’s boyfriend, with his new client. His client asks him how he made his Business successful. Bhavni relives her ture intention behind supporting Devguru. She supports Devguru because of money. And how she used ashram’s charity money for her business. Then she asks Abeer to find a girl who looks alike. Devi’s picture.

On the other side Yug and Iti break their friendship over a trivial fight. Later, Devgurudecided to brun him self if can’t find Devi now. (Episode end)

Precap: Abeer finds Iti aka Devi. She enjoy dandiya with Yug and Abeerasks him to go with him, later someone came and tells Yug that her Friend is going to leave Prayagraj.