Dil Jaise Dhadke Dhadakne Do 23rd March 2020 Written Update: Yug yearns for Iti

Dil Jaise Dhadke Dhadakne Do 23rd March 2020 Written Update on Tellyexpress.com

Today’s episode begins with Om accusing Yug of stealing his phone.  While Yug says, I don’t know where your phone is.  I did not steal it Om tells him that if you do not give me my phone, I will send you to the police station. 

Yug says, will you get me arrested in the police, I will get you arrested in the police, because you have done so worsen with Iti.  Savita then tells him to stay out of our business because you are not someone who can accuse us.  Neither you are Iti’s brother nor his father so stop harassing us.  And give us our  phone.  But Yug says, I told you that I do not have your phone.  Om then slaps him and Yug also pushes him angrily. 

Here, then Devguru students came and  ask both of them , what happened.  Om says, this guy steals my phone.  They then check Yuga and they don’t get any phone, so they ask Yug to leave and tell Om not to bother him anymore.

Later Yug reminiscence about the moments he spent with Iti. He feels extremely hurt by Iti’s words. And how does she tell him that we are no longer friends because she now believes that she is a goddess. 

Later some devotees come and hails  for the Goddess. Here on the other hand Bhavini do Devi’s aka Iti’s Dugdha Abhishek before puja then later Devguru come here and compliments the puja.

Then Devguru tells Devi that I worked very hard for this Shatapath day and today I am very happy that you are with me now.  Before this I always wondered if I had done anything wrong because I left my family alone.  But now I got my answers that I did nothing wrong.  Because my penance has been successful because you are with me for my support.

Iti then asks Devguru, are you thinking about leaving me?  Devguru says no goddess, I will never leave you.  Like I am your protector.  And my job is to protect and help you.  And if someone wants to harm you, I will kill him. 

Here Bhavini gets a little scared, as if Devguru comes to know about her wrong deeds .  Then he will cut her into pieces.  Later Devguru asks  the goddess to walk for the foundation day.

Precap : Devguru saw Bhavini video in which she make a deal with Om.