Dil Jaise Dhadke Dhadakne Do 25th March 2020 Written Update: Bhavini’s truth in front of Devguru

Dil Jaise Dhadke Dhadakne Do 25th March 2020 Written Update on Tellyexpress.com

Today’s episode starts with some children who find Om’s Phone. While on the other hand Devguru feels grateful towards Devi he thank God as they always help him. Here a girl bumps into Devguru and phone is falls down from her hands.

Devguru picks up that phone and unlocks. And then  Devguru saw the video of Bhavini and Om in which Om and Bhavini make a deal. Devguru saw everything that how Bhavini tricking him for so many years, he angrily shouts and asks for Bhavini, then one of his student tells him that, Bhavini is in Devi’s rooms. Devguru furiously finding Bhavini. He start breaking everything and then again he saw  a video recording in which Iti’s mother tells her that she is Devi.

Devguru become suprised, tears are falling from his eyes as he never thought that Bhavini can done something like this. And that’s how he gets to know that why Iti accept herself as a Devi. He recalls that how Sanjay always wanted to help him and wanted to remove his blind faith, but he never understand his point. And he keep stubborn in his stubbornness. Sanjay always tell him that what he is doing is a big crime as Iti is just a normal and small child but he never listens to him.  And mistook a baby girl in her blind faith. Devguru understand each and everything  that how Bhavini always managed to bring Iti.

Devguru understands that how Bhavini cleverly make a plan. She make a deal with Iti’s brother and bring Iti in Asram. And how Iti always says that Bhavini scaring her. And how Bhavini keep forcing Iti for darshan puja. Devguru heart start aching, as because of him a little child tolerates this much.

Precap : Bhavini hits Devguru’s head.