Dil Jaise Dhadke Dhadakne Do 26th March 2020 Written Update: Devguru to unveil Bhavini’s lies

Dil Jaise Dhadke Dhadakne Do 26th March 2020 Written Update on Tellyexpress.com

Today’s episode starts with Devguru who starts crying because a little girl has to suffer a lot due to his blind faith then he thinks that Now I know that she is not a goddess, so I will not let her take any more trouble.

Devguru later angrily start finding Bhavini. Here Bhavini and Abir talking about their business deal, Abhir tells her that i has asked Patel to sit in warehouse for a while as no one comes there.

Abir then says, Bhavini if we can have a chance to grab this deal, then please sign it as this is a huge deal for us. With this we can make more money. Bhavini says, of course , i will. As am doing everything only for my business.

While on the other hand Devguru finds Bhavini, and he saw that Bhavini make a deal with Patel in which she promises Patel that she will give ninety percent of the installation money to him for business purpose. And takes a promise from him that after this you will help my business to reach a higher height.

Patel says don’t worry about it. While here Devguru listens there each and every word of them. Later Bhavini also mentioned Pankaj’s deadbody that we need to hide it after installation.

Devguru become more furious he shouts on Bhavini and grab her neck and asks  her how can you do this, you killed a girl father only for money, don’t you feel little bit shame. Anyways now i am going to tell everybody about your dark sins, but before Devguru leaves the place Bhavini hit Devguru’s head with glass bottel but Devguru doesn’t get hurt.

He then grab Bhavini’s neck and put Abir under his feet  and asks both of them to accept your sins in front of whole world. Further Abir and Devguru starts fighting in which Devguru beats Abir as meanwhile someone came and stab Devguru with a knife. (Episode end)

Precap : Yug vows that he will become rich.