Dil Jaise Dhadke Dhadakne Do 27th March 2020 Written Update: Devguru is in flashback

Dil Jaise Dhadke Dhadakne Do 27th March 2020 Written Update on Tellyexpress.com

Today’s episode starts with Devguru unfolds Bhavini’s truth then he vows that he will tell everyone that Iti is not a Devi and i  will also tell everyone that you murdered Iti’s father later Bhavini hit Devguru with glass of bottle.

Devguru turns and asks her this is your true face. He later grabs Bhavini’s neck and put Abir under his feet and tells them now you guys tell everyone that you are evils, who has smeared my holy ashram. Later Devguru and Abir starts fight while suddenly someone stab Devguru’s back with the Knife.

Devguru then recalls that one day he and his friends enjoying car driving and then they had accidents and that’s how he start belief in blind faith. Because he thinks that Devi maa saves him and then he become Devguru. And then he set out in search of the goddess. Then one day Bhavini came to him and asks him to eat something as he didn’t eat food for 7 days. But Devguru tells her that how can i eat i didn’t find my Devi yet.

Bhavini console him and says,  the one who gives thirst also gives the same water so don’t worry. We will soon meet Devi.  And one day when he unable to meet Devi then he decides to take a Jalshamadhi. But in water he finds Iti’s pictures and he  misunderstands the situation and thinks that Iti is Devi then he come out from water and tells Bhavini and his students that i have found Devi.

Later Bhavini tells Devguru that Devi lives in Paryag raj. So Devguru decide that he will going to find Devi in there. And he arrives at Pankaj’s house but someone calls Bhavini that he have found Devi and now she is near the pond. Then Devguru decide to do pardakshina so that he will meet Devi soon by this.

And one day Bhavini bring Iti as a Devi and Devguru feels jubilant as if he finds everything he want. Then they come back to Banaras with Devi aka Iti. He remembers each and every thing that how Bhavini tricking him all the time, she was gave him a fake letter and lies to him that Pankaj itself brought Iti here. In the pain of stabbing he saw all the cunning plots of Bhavini.

On the other side Yug recalls that how Iti ends their friendship. Later Shanti came and asks Yug what happened to you, why you standing here alone. Yug then tells her that, mother  i will never be poor now. Because rich people thinks that they have all the rights to insults poor. Like today Mukta insults you. So i decided to become rich so no one can dare you insult again.

Later Yug is sitting and recalls Iti then Kashi came and console him and says that don’t worry Yug i am with you. (Episode end)