Dil Jaise Dhadke Dhadakne Do 9th March 2020 Written Update: Devguru punishes himself

Today’s episode begins with Devguru who tells Devi that whenever I see you in pain I feel the same, maybe I have to punish myself So that i can get rid of your emotions for your family and friends.

Bhavini now thinks what this madman wants to do next and Devguru punishes himself by walking over a bed of coalsBhavini asks Devguru how much harm you will do to yourself.  Devguru says, the more I feel this pain, the more I will get closer to the pain of Goddess.

Bhavini asks Devguru to stop doing this because she only cares about her business because if Devguru bothers herself she will have some loss in her business Abir also comes there, he asks Bhavini to stop Devguru otherwise if he burn  and die  our business plan ends then Bhavini says that I tried hard to stop him but he is very stubborn while Devguru  gets fainted as he his body is injured because of coals.

Here, Yug and his friendsmake a plan  to save Iti as they plan to go to Banares and save Iti from Devguru.  Other friends of the Yug  also want to accompany him.

Meanwhile Iti saw Bhavini and Abir Already kills his father and they hide his body and she runs towards them and asks them about her father, Bhavini tells her  that we have already killed your father, but then Devguru   comes and asks what is happening, Iti tells Devguru that Bhavini and Abir killed my father, and she suddenly wakes up because she was just dreaming.

Iti now wants to leave the ashram as she is afraid of Bhavani and others in the ashram as they are very dangerous and may kill her and her family members but she does not know how to escape from there.She later get an idea and she wears a saree and disguise herself so that no one recognizes her.

On the other side doctor asks Bhavini to take care of Devguru as his body is severely injured of coals and also tells them if they If we were a little late, we would not have been able to save Devguru .

While Devguru wake up and asking for Devi, doctors suggeste him to take a rest as he is not yet recovered but Devguru tells him we don’t have much time as after three day we need to do anushathan for devi. He asks Bhavni to take devi with her as today devi needs to do moun vrat.

Here Iti’s saree falls off and Devguru also comes there, she hide herself, while Bhavini saw her hiding. She again make a plan to trouble Iti. (Episode end)

Precap : Iti meets a accident.