Dil Jaise Dhadke Dhadakne Do: The truth of Bhavini’s dark intentions

Star plus show Dil Jaise Dhadke Dhadakne Do gaining audience intrest by their unique story line and hight voltage twist and turns.

Earlier in Dil Jaise Dhadke Dhadakne Do we seen that, Iti breaks up her friends with Yug which make Yug extremely hurt. He tries to convince Iti that she is not a Goddess but a normal human being. But Iti refuse to accept his word and asks him to leave from here otherwise  she will call her servants and throw him out from here. Yug then went from there with sad heart.

Further Om accuses Yug for stealing his phone but then somehow Devguru students save him from Om. While on the other hand Devguru feels jubilant, as Today the day he has been waiting for so many days is going to be completed.  He then asks the goddess to walk for the installation puja.

In upcoming episodes of Dil Jaise Dhadke Dhadakne Do,  Devguru gets Om’s phone and then he see the video of Bhavini and Om in which Where they both make a deal in lieu of Iti. And Om sell his sister for money. Then Devguru will gets furious on Bhavini. And then he will go to Bhavini and see that, Bhavini drinking alcohol with Abir. This will make Devguru more upset and he will shouts on Bhavini angrily.

What will happen next in Dil Jaise Dhadke Dhadakne Do. Will Devguru get to know about Bhavini’s evil intentions . Will Iti realize that she is not Devi.

All  these questions will be answered by upcoming episodes.For more interesting updates keep watching this space.