Dil Jaise Dhadke Dhadakne Do Written Update: Highlights of the week : Iti believes that she is a Devi

Start plus popular show grabs viewers attention by their unique story line.

Currently in Dil jaise dhadke dhadakne do Yug discover a shocking truth of Bhavini and Om as he has somehow managed to steals Om’s phone and saw a video in which both Bhavini and Om make a deal where Om sells his own sister for money. Yug become suprised by Om’s action as he can’t believe that a boy can sell his sister for money but later he vows that he will save Iti from evil peoples.

But here on the other side Bhavini came up with the new plan to influence Iti. She asks from Om to give some pictures of Iti’s mother. And later she play a drama in which she locks Iti in a dark room at first Iti gets scared but later she saw her mother as this is a Bhavini’s plan to convince Iti that she is blessed with divine powers. Iti’s mother tell her that you are really a goddess and came from heaven to tell you this. Later Iti believes that she is really a Devi as her mother never lies to her.

Iti later goes to the Devguru and thank him as because of him she comes to know about her ture identity. Devguru’s heart also filled with joy as at least Iti accepte herself as a Devi. While here Bhavini and Abir also feels good as their cunning plan succeed on Iti. There Yug is  Preparing to come to Banaras. But later he gets to know that her mother has a flu then he first help her mother in her job and when she feels better he leaves from there and asks his friend to take care of my mother. His friend tells him not to worry about it just go and save our Iti from Kidnappers as we all our missing her.

Meanwhile at Banaras, Devguru and his students preparing for Devi Shathapna function while there Bhavini asks Abir to take care of everything, Because we are very close to our destination and now if something goes wrong then it will be overshadowed. Iti on the other hand gets ready for her function she take her shudhikaran bath in cold water without hesitation which make Devguru feels satisfied as now Iti accepting herself as a devi.

Yug also arrives at Devidham Asram to rescue Iti from Devguru but later when he asks Iti to come with him so she refuses and asks him to leave as we are no longer friends and i am Devi who born to help people. Yug tries to convince her that this is myth as this is only a blind faith of Devguru but Iti refuse to accept his words as she influenced by Bhavini’s plan.

What will happened next, will Iti realize the truth, Will Yug save Iti from this blind faith, Will Devguru know Bhavini’s truth.
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