Dil Jaise Dhakdke..Dhadakne Do 12th March 2020 Written Update: Police to investigate Asram

Today’s episode begins with Savita and Om going inside the ashram while Bhavini wants to stop them as Iti is also there, and she doesn’t want Iti to see them.  Then she asks him why you guys have come here, Om says, we just want our money so we have come here.  Bhavini tells them to wait for a while as there is a shortage of funds right now, and still the Devi installation ceremony will cost a lot.  Om says, don’t be smart in front of us, we need money right now, otherwise first I will not send you the picture of Iti’s mother and second I will tell you about your sins to the police.

After a while the police reach there, Bhavini asks Om that this  is your  doing.  Om thinks I am not the one who  called  the police but it is okay that I can use it, and he tells Bhavini to give him the money and then he will solve the problem.  Bhavani give  him the money and asks him to end the mess. Om says, yeah sure. Later Bhavini asks the police why are you here?  Police says, someone informed us that you guys have kidnapped a little girl, so we need to investigate this ashram.

Police starts searching for Iti. But Abir hides Iti from them. Here, Bhavini thinks that this was to happen today itself, today devotees are coming from far and wide. Now my only hope is that the police should leave from here. Later when police finds nothing they apologise to Bhavini and leave from there. Later Bhavini comes to Abir and asks about Iti, he tells her that she is unconscious as I was given some medicine to silence her for some time and then he asks about Iti’s motherpicture.  Bhavini says, don’t worry this scheme is on.  Om is about to send me a photo of Iti’s mother and I am sure the scheme will work on Iti. A girl approaches Bhavini and asks him to bring Iti to Devguru as he wants to meet her.

Yug on the other hand seeks help from a divine being. And here Devguru asks Bhavini to get ready for the Goddess ritual worship and then he tells Iti that later you will marry Lord Krishna.  Iti says, what are you saying, how can I get married, my father had told me earlier that I will marry a prince after completing my studies.  Devguru tells her that they are all mythic goddesses.  All the princes in this world are your servants.  Meanwhile, Iti at my father’s watch and tells Devguru that I told you that my father should come here.  Can you tell  me where my father is?  While Abir and Bhavini get shocked and Devguru asks them about Iti’s father (episode end)

Precap : Iti  faints when devotees come to worship her.