Divorce drama ahead in Colors TV Choti Sardarni

Colors show Choti Sardarni will next see; Sarabjeet demands divorce from Meher.

In the show it is seen Meher’s mother kills her boyfriend so that she can force her to marry Sarabjeet. No sooner she gets to know that Meher is pregnant with Manav’s child she decided to abort the child too. Meher to save her unborn child from her mother decides to marry Sarabjeet.

After marrying Sarabjeet, Meher on her first night tells Sarabjeet about her pregnancy. Sarabjeet decides to give divorce to Meher but on the other hand Sarabjeet’s son gets attached to Meher.

Param and Meher’s closeness irks Sarabjeet. He asks Meher to stay away from Param. Sarabjeet ask Meher to behave rudely with Param. Meher scolds Param so that he starts hating her. Param falls ill and Sarabjeet ask Meher to stay away from Param as he is capable enough to take care of him.

Sarabjeet further decides to send Meher back to her home. Param wishes to be with Sarabjeet and Meher both.

Now in the upcoming episode will see Sarabjeet will ask Meher to sign on divorce paper and keep her words.

Sarabjeet decides to go ahead with his planand file for divorce. He will give paper to Meher and will ask her to sign. However, Meher is caught in two minds whether or not she also comply with Sarabjeet’s demand.

It will be interesting to watch will Meher and Sarbjeet will be separated or Meher will stay back for Param.

What is stopping Meher to sign on divorce paper? What Param will do next to stop Meher from leaving the house? Well, time will only tell. For  all the answers keep watching Colors Tv show Choti Sardarni, mon-fri at 7:30pm.

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