Divya Drishti 11th January 2020 Written Update: Divya decides to get married to Shekhar

Episode begins with Shekhar is trying to say thank you to Divya, he says I am fed up to give proofs of me being innocent. he says you and your sister has their own world and in that world there is no place for us and did you ever realised that your big sister keep you at first more than Rakshit bhaiya.

Rakshit and Drishti are arguing with each other in the room. Rakshit says you never understand my problem that I love you so much you just don’t care.

Pishachini is discussing matters with red parrot and is saying to him that these two sisters have no idea what kind of trap is made for them, after two days we will create an illusional night of full moon, these two things that the full moon night is not yet arrived but they are far from the reality that today is the blue moon night. Divya gets to listen to them and you realise that she and her sister are being fooled and Shekhar is also with her. Shekhar tries to talk but she ask him to shut up as Pishachini can hear them as well.

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suddenly Shekhar noticed that tonight is the blue moon night and whatever is needed has to be completed by today. She and Shekhar comes out of the room and she says to him that like us even pishachini can hear our conversation that is why I came out of the room and both of them are discussing what can be done next?

Rakshit and Drishti are arguing with each other playfully. Drishti says I need to change so you can go out of the room, Rakshit told her this is my room why should I go out? Rakshit ask Drishti to confess to him about her love and say those three magical words. Drishti is not ready to say anything to Rakshit hence she is teasing him and at a point both of them fall on each other and some stuff tied in a piece of cloth falls from the head of the closet.

Drishti open setup and find some old piece of papers and a diary. Divya decides to you have a conversation with Drishti right now and informed her about what all happened.

Mahima comes at the room Drishti and Rakshit and she noticed those stuff and recognised all to belongs to her father.

Pishachini brings Shekhar in her outyard room. says you don’t listen to me then I will send you back to the place from where you came. Divya noticed Mahima is burning something and she tried to stop her but she didn’t let Divya stop. Divya is trying to contact Drishti but she is lost in the thoughts of province of the door of the cave. She comes to Rakshit and gives a kiss on his forehead and says I Love You. Both of them gets romantic with each other and starts to get intimate with each other. Shekhar unlocked the door of Divya’s room. She asked Shekhar to do things as per her whims. Rakshit and Drishti are looking for Divya in the house while Divya is in the temple with Shekhar. Rakshit and Drishti are coming towards the temple after getting a vision. Rakshit and Drishti reached the temple and she noticed that Divya is getting married to Shekhar. She stops Divya but she didn’t and is trying to stop her. Rakshit asks Drishti to be with her instead of going against her call. Shekhar made Divya wear the nuptial chain and puts vermilion in her hair partition.

Drishti is numb and hurt while Divya looks at her with teary eyes. Divya says sorry to Drishti and says the door will open only when two married couples will keep hand on the signs. Suddenly a weird kind of earthquake happened and the door of the cave opened. A blue light comes from inside the cave and Shekhar stops them and said Pishachini did all these plans. Drishti again starts to berates him and says he is a lier and fraud. Drishti says to Shekhar if you stop me from going inside then I will kill you.

Precap – All of them are inside the cave, Pishachini called Lal Chakor and she starts to drag Divya among the four while Drishti, Rakshit, Shekar tries to hold Divya.