Divya Drishti 16 February 2020 Written Update :- Drishti gives birth to twins

Episode begins with Mahima is trying to find out from where the sound is coming in the room of pishachini and Drishti is getting scared from her. Mahima suddenly finds doll and threads in the room of Pishachini. Pishachini feels that Mahima is doing some black magic on her and on her mirror. Both nahin Mai visarjan fighting with each other and decided to stay away from each other.

Inside the room, Shekhar and Romi and fighting with each other when Rakshit come there and ask why you people are fighting? Romi says to Rakshit that Lal Chakor told me that if I sprinkle this black ink in the face of when someone will start to look older and Fields that whatever happened to her is because of Mahima and her magic.

However, Pishachini and Mahima are arguing with each other who is doing magic on whom. Divya comes there with a pot along with Drishti and keeps it in the room of Mahima and because of that pot Mahima gets under the scanner for Pishachini. But due to a loophole by Ojaswini Mahima got to know that these people are putting up and act to create a rift between her and pishachini and nothing else.

Even pishachini also got a doubt in that this people and trying to pile up against Mahima and she went to have a conversation with my email regarding this and says to her that it is some other people who are trying to make us against each other but neither I am against you nor you are against me.

In the night, Drishti comes to give a box full of almonds to Ojaswini and asks her to mix it in the food. In the night, Mahima comes to the kitchen to have something as this was her habit from the very beginning. Mahima drinks that milk mixed with almonds and she starts to blast on pishachini for making hard drink that milk as it can cause her allergies which can affect her magical powers. Drishti suddenly feels sick and she sends on the floor but before that she send a voice message to her sister Divya.

Divya steps to look for her sister in the house and she finally finds out in the poolside area and she calls Rakshit to come there as soon as possible. Divya says to Rakshit that the time has come for the delivery and that is why my sister is feeling sick, you should take her to the room right now. After Rakshit left the pool area, Divya gets caught by Pishachini and Mahima both.

However she is successful in freeing her from both of them and escaped from the place. Drishti gives birth to two twins and Rakshit and Divya get happy to see the kids. Drishti noticed that both the kids have a glowing light on their face, Rakshit says to her that it is because they are a part of you and in future they will get the powers you used to have. Rakshit says I have to take away these kids with me because my grandfather had made a secure place for their safety.

Precap – The grandfather of Rakshit turns out to be the Kaal Devta, he is behind those ancestral gems and once he gets it, he will send those kids to hell. Rakshit and Mahima comes front for a fight.