Divya Drishti 16th November 2019 Written Update: Divya Drishti make a plan to escape from the punishment of hell

Episode begins with Divya is scared with the thought of going to hell and be one of the prisoners of that place. She thinks she doesn’t want to go to Hell. Shekhar comes there and tries to console her about it but Divya says how do you know about it? You are never been to hell so how come you be so sure? She says I don’t want to go there but at the same time I don’t want to look broken and scared in front of my sister Drishti so please don’t tell her about my insecurities and fears. She took the promise from Shekhar while he is slowly getting affected by Divya when Drishti comes there with Shekhar and Romi. She asks Divya to keep faith in her as she is always with her. Divya says she is not scared and is well aware about how much she is devoted for her well being. Drishti saya we have less time and have to execute our plan as soon as possible.

Rakshit asks Romi to check each and every corner of the house so that Pishachini can not play games with the family. They made a plan and Divya and Drishti starts to dance for making the plan successful. They start to act like all drunk and starts to sing and dance in the hall with the family members and even they dragged Pishachini into it and asks her to play antakshari with them. She reluctantly agreed and starts to sing and dance with Divya giving her full of attitude. On the other hand, Rakshit brings Shekhar near the courtyard room and asks him to finish his work in the span of 5 minutes. Shekhar goes inside and very smartly he did his work and brings out the dead body of Patali while Pishachini comes to the room of Rakshit and she starts to dance with Rakshit. Drishti comes and gets jealous and asks Pishachini to stay away from her husband. She says I have right on my husband and Pishachini says I am not interested in dancing with your husband. Rakshit and Drishti share some romantic moments with each other.

Pishachini warns them about the punishment of Divya and leaves while Rakshit noticed Shekhar who signs him that he has completed his work easily. Then the entire family is planning to shift the body of Patali. Pishachini realises that Patali body is missing and she blamed the entire Shergill family and calls Lord Kaal but couldn’t prove that Shergill family only did steal the body of Patali. She promised them Divya will surely go to hell and she will prove Patali body is with them.

Later they tried to take out the body of Patali in some other way but not able to do so. Pishachini develops a doubt on them but somehow is not getting a hold on them. The fake Shekhar again comes to Pishachini and she gives him another job. Here Drishti is trying to execute her plan without any obstacle but somehow it is nor happening.

Precap : Pishachini caught Divya Rakshti and Drishti red handed and calls Lord Kaal. Divya got punished for murdering Patali.