Divya Drishti 18th January 2020 Written Update: Divya and Drishti faces the ignorance of family

Episode starts with Rakshit comes to see Drishti and checked the pregnancy kit and it is showing negative. He does her first aid and gives a peck on her forehead. From there and Drishti wakes up on the bed and says sorry to Rakshit for not telling her about the vision of her. She is thinking about the vision and comes at the pool area where Divya is sitting and lost in the thoughts of Shekhar. Drishti comes to Divya and share about the vision she had with her. She is about to say something more when Mahima comes there and ask what they are doing at poolside at this late hours of night.

Mahima asks Divya to go in her room as today is her special night. On the other hand, Drishti informed Mahima that she is not pregnant and says that is fine but you have some weakness so you should go and have some rest. Both the sisters are thinking about division and trying to decode it. Drishti comes in her room and the pregnancy kit was kept over the table, as soon as she noticed the pregnancy get the actual meaning of her vision comes clear in her mind. She understands that someone is trying to change the past happenings and wants to prevent the birth of her and her sister Divya.

Divya also understand the same thing while she entered third room and she immediately rushed from there without noticing that Shekhar is awake and he noticed her going out in panic. Drishti designs to go in the cave loan and solve the problem for once and all. Divya follows her sister and wonders where she is going this time without even informing me? Divya follows Drishti and finds out she is trying to enter the cave by some other ways rather than opening the door of the cave. Drishti finds a red feather of Lal Chakor and she decides to step on it to find a way to enter the cave again.

They entered the cave and finally noticed that their mother is standing among the crowd inside the cave. They are trying to stop the Lal Chakor who is proceeding to attack their mother. They realised that just by using their powers they are not able to stop the Lal Chakor hence they have to opt for something other option to save their mother. They hold their hands together and tries to make their sound reach to their mother so that she can hear and move away from the place. The mother heard them from her tummy and she goes away from the place. Suddenly an earthquake occurs in the cave and both the sister realised that their ways of going out from the cave are getting sealed slowly and if they don’t hurried enough then it will be problematic to come out of the cave safe and sound. After sometime Divya and Drishti successfully comes out of the cave with a shell in their hand and entire cave got destroyed.

Divya and Drishti come back home but Rakshit, Mahima and the other house members have got angry on the sisters for always going out of the house without informing anybody and gets landed in grave danger. Drishti tries to say sorry to Rakshit but he says you always do this kind of thing and then you come to me and say sorry. Rakshit says sorry is a promise of not repeating the same mistake again and also learn something from the past mistakes but incase of you, you are not going to learn anything but you will definitely going to repeat the same mistake another time so what is the point of apologizing ? Ashlesha and ojaswini arrange a party on the occasion of Shekhar and Divya marriage and she decides to invite some close relatives so that they can come and have some fun.

Drishti and Divya are trying their best to open the Corel shell but it is not opening with their powers or sunlight or water. Ojaswini comes in the room of drashti and ask her to get ready for the party in the evening and also says to get Divya ready for the party as well. Drishti pulls the leg of Divya and says you got married to Shekhar just to open the door of the cave and currently when the cave is not there at all then what are you going to do with your marriage? Drishti and Divya is getting ready in their respective rooms for the party when the Shergill family welcomes their guests for the party that is cousin brother and sister of Rakshit. Rakshit and Shekhar are coming down in the hall and Shekhar recognises them from the distance and saves these two are the same people who used to be so dumb in irritating.

Rakshit says we are grown up now and you cannot say such things for them and Shekhar says I am controlling myself. Rakshit seals the entire house with his magical thread so that Lal Chakor cannot enter the house premises under any circumstances. Drishti gets to hear the voices of children in her room but she is unable to spot anybody.

Precap – Divya inform Drishti that the pregnancy kit is showing positive results. Drashti is about to announce among the family members regarding her pregnancy when Pishachini comes there.