Divya Drishti 1st February 2017 Written Update: Romi is killed by Lal Chakor, Drishti hatches a plan

Episode begins with Sweety tries to run out of the house but Lal Chakor entered at the same time and attacked Sweety and she died on the spot.

Rakshit asks everybody to stay together and hand in hand and he asks everybody to go down so that Lal Chakor cannot attack anybody in the house. Rakshit, Drishti and Divya almost captured Lal Chakor in their trap and Rakshit is about to attack him but Pishachini in spite of being blind keep helping Lal Chakor so that Shergill cannot save themselves.


Rakshit gets a sword by his magical powers but unfortunately Lal Chakor get hold of it and he attacked Ojaswini with it.

After sometime, only five members left in the family. Rakshit some words for the family members and all of them hug each other as a family because they don’t know what will happen next so they just want to live the moment with all of them. Suddenly, Romi got to know from Divya that Drishti is pregnant. He went to the kitchen to bring something because as per the ritual in his family if any lady got pregnant then they perform the ritual with that lady as a brother.

Rakshit also accompanies Romi so that he doesn’t left alone there. Accidentally Roma kick the box through which divyadrishti used to travel to the cave.

Everybody got to hear the music of Lal Chakor and they think he is coming again. However, Divya, Drishti make them understand that this is coming from this box as they used to visit the cave through it and right now this is the only way to get out of this house.

They are going to enter in the box but at that same moment the real Lal Chakor is going to appear there. They all are preparing to enter the box but somehow they couldn’t and at the same time Shekhar goes away from them just to divert the mind of Lal Chakor so that they can prepare to enter the box. Romi also goes to help check her but larger attacked both of them and is not letting them go anywhere.

Divya sensed the danger on them and she runs to save Shekhar and Romi as she has magic powers which they don’t have. Rakshit and Drishti also follows her and all of them somehow rescued Shekhar and Romi from there.

Ultimately, Shekhar Divya Drishti and Rakshit entered the box and Romi is going to enter but Lal Chakor trapped his leg with red dress. Romi understand that it is impossible for him to go out right now and if the rest of the family stay back for his sake then no one will be able to go out safely from this house. He pushes his sister and the others to go inside the box and says you people don’t worry about me but it is important to get out from this place. Lal Chakor and Pishachini got angry with him as he helped the sisters duo to escape from the situation. Romi gets stunned to see the real face of Lal Chakor.

Pishachini gives Romi and offer to join their gang and be alive or to die for his sister. Romi says I am ready to die but I will never be a part of your gang. Lal Chakor killed Romi while Rakshit, Divya, Drishti and Shekhar landed in a Shiv temple. Drashti is crying for hair her brother Romi and she is feeling sad that she couldn’t save him and the other family members.

Drishti somehow thinks of a plan and decides to act on it. Divya says Drishti and Rakshit can never go to execute the plan because my elder sister is pregnant and rakshak needs to be with her to take care of her. Shekhar has no special powers to tackle any emergency situations hence only I can go for this task.

Divya goes back to the house through the same box but this time pishachini blocked the box inside a magic so that no one can come and go through the box ever again.

Divya decides to complete the task for which she came there and later she will find out a way to get out of this place. Divya is slowly executing her plants while pishachini find one of the dead bodies are missing from the count and she says that I forgot that that particular dead body was never dead ever.

Drishti gets a vision regarding Divya and she got tensed while Divya is trying to save myself from the eyes of Lal Chakor and Pishachini in the house.

Precap – Divya successfully comes out of the house with the help of Rakshit and Drishti. Rakshit Drishti and Divya are fighting with Chakor and Rakshit gets shocked to see the face of him.