Divya Drishti 1st September 2019 Written Update:- Divya and Drishti returns together again

The episode starts with Mahima gets a call from the hospital to inform about Rakshit’s health. They informed her that his health condition is deteriorating. Hence, they are sending him back home as keeping him in the hospital will be of no use as medical treatment is done. Now if Rakshit can revive by being with his family members. Then only there is some scope is left. Mahima breakdown thinking how she is going to keep Rakshit in the house as the house is no longer in their control. Pishachini on the other side is performing the last rites of Divya Drishti at Rakshit’s office. She prepares the offerings for the dead people and does all the preparations and rituals required to perform the last rites.

On the other side, Ganesh Chaturthi is being celebrated and the gulaal is used as the sign of celebration flies into the office area and a hand is moved. Here Pishachini is trying to look for the gems as it is not yet revealed to her. She asks Reengeli to look for the gems around the place as it has to be there. Reengeli comes back and says she is unable to find any gems when Lord Kaal asks Pishachini why she is not getting the gems? She has become a liability for him and he is getting disappointed by her now.

Here Divya and Drishti both join hands and wakes up from the heap of destruction. They walk together hand in hand and comes in possession of Lord Ganesh. Rakshit’s ambulance is also there in the possession, they offer their prayers to Ganapati and hails his name. They announced that with the blessing of Lord Ganesh and the powers of the ultimate Lord of the lord’s lord Shiva, Divya Drishti is back. They both joined hands and hugged each other. Suddenly Drishti notices are dancing in front of a cracker and he can get hurt due to that. She asks Divya to help him but she says her powers are not working. She asks Drishti to go near the kid and move him meanwhile she will try to do something and suddenly she realized that light is coming from her hand.

She gets excited and both go near the statue of Lord Ganesh and Divya and Drishti both of them can do magic now. They lift the bus in the year and puts it in a safe place so that it doesn’t catch fire. Rakshit is in the ambulance and Drishti is feeling attracted towards the ambulance again and again. She tries to see who is inside but fail to do so, however her scarf flew away from her and falls on Rakshit’s face. He wakes up from a coma and recovered.

Divya and Drishti come to Lord Shiva temple and takes the oath to destroy Pishachini forever. Both of them perform tandav together in front of the statue of Lord Shiva. Later on, Drishti asks Divya to come with her to home. Divya is reluctant because she is in guilt for killing Shekhar. Drishti makes her understand that she didn’t kill the son of the house she killed a person who is a stranger and a cheater. She says if you don’t kill him then that monster monkey will kill our entire family and us. Divya and Drishti realize that they are behaving exactly opposite to their personalities and currently they are having so many new powers than before. Divya and Drishti go to their home by flying.

Drishti gets a vision of a married woman, Rakshit opens the door but fails to recognize Drishti. Drashti finds out visarjan he is in their house and she is behaving like the wife of Mr. Shergill. Divya hides with Drishti before Pishachini can spot them. Drishti gets angry on Pishachini and gets annoyed with her for school behavior and trying to be close with Rakshit. She says Rakshit is my husband, he is my darling, not anyone else. Divya asks her to calm down and then she realizes she can change her outlook anytime, anywhere. They tried to sneak peek in the house but cannot. Divya gets an idea to enter the house.

Precap – Divya and Drishti enter the house in disguise. Romi meets Divya whereas Drishti meets her sister-in-laws