December 6, 2019
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Divya Drishti 20th July Written Update :- Divya and Drishti Saves Simran, Lavanaya got exposed

The episode begins with Pishachini notices Lavanya is changing her color and then she gets the peacock feather in everyone ears and also notices the pest control smoke around them.
She gets the attire of a normal party invitee and changes the direction of the smoke. On the other hand, she asks Lavanya to get away from there and she takes out the peacock feather from everyone’s mask. Divya notices something wrong and follows the direction. Here, suddenly a smoke gathers the party and all wonder from where the smoke is coming and everyone starts to cough. Pishachini asks Lavanaya to handle everyone meanwhile she goes in search of Divya Drishti and Simran.

Divya and Drishti calls Chiranjeevi uncle to look for solution to cure Simran from the blast of temporal gem. Chiranjeevi says only he can cure Simran and leaves. Simran, Divya and Drishti decides to go to Lord Shiva temple to cure Simran. Pisachini follows them and tries to look for them in the jungle. Divya notices a car in the jungle and informs Drishti, they asks Simran to keep quiet. Divya takes the car and picks up Drishti and Simran and drives towards Shiva temple.

Here in the house everyone is coughing when Romi tells Rakshit that this poisonous air must be coming from Pishachini. When the housemates suddenly starts to shout in fear, Rakshit asks them what happened when Mahima pointed backwards. Romi and Rakshit moves and see Lavanya standing in a human form of Lizard. She says did you all recognise me? I am Lavanya aka a self chosen Lizard. Everyone starts to shout in fear when someone breaks the glass of the house so that the poisonous air goes out from the house and they tried to escape the house. Lavanya comes in her lizard form and bites everyone. Everyone gets poisoned when Rakshit decides to comes in his Anjaan form.

Here Pisachini arrives at the temple and is going to hold Simran when Divya uses her powers on her and takes Simran inside the temple. On the other hand, Simran goes inside and stumbles upon something and falls on Shiva statue …the statue starts to absorb the radiation of the temporal gem. Drishti asks her not to get detouch from the statue and it will absorb the radiation, Simran agrees. Here Divya is fighting with Pisachini and throws her down from the stairs. She helps them to uplift the statue from there and goes to seek a riverside area around. On the other hand, Divya calls Rakshit to come in her and Drishti’s aid, Rakshit tries to tell her that his family needs him when Chetan comes and asks Anjaan to go to help Divya and Drishti meanwhile he will take the housemates to hospital.

Here Pisachini gets up and gets into a fight with Divya while Anjaan is on the way. She pushes her hard, while Pisachini also puts pressure on Divya. At last, Pishachini tries to choke Divya and she uses her powers to save her and restricted Pisachini from causing any harm to Simran and Drishti.

Here, Simran and Drishti reaches near a river and Drishti asks Simran to get inside it as soon as possible. They starts to enter the water while Divya gives them a signal by temple bells. Simran gets disbalanced and is about to fall when Divya comes there and uses her power to stick Divya to the status and they did a countdown and go inside water. Here Pishachini also tries to come there but the blast of the temporal gem throws her away. Rakshit reaches the place and Simran and Divya meet him. Simran recovered and Divya leaves for City hospital along with her. Rakshit searches from Drishti and finds her, he tries to wake her up but at first she didn’t get up. He tried many times and at last she opens her eyes and they shared a romantic hug.

Precap : Divya stabs Lavanya in the kitchen of Shergill house.

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