Divya Drishti 20th October 2019 written update: Family celebrates the birthday of Divya and Drishti

Episode begins with the family is very much shocked to realise that due to ojaswini Pishachini and Patali get to know about their location. Ash gets upset with Ojaswini and she told her to get down from the bus as if she will stay with them then the danger of getting caught will be always alive. Ash is about to open the door to make Ojaswini get down from the bus the door automatically opened and Mahima entered. She is shocked to see that door gets open but then it was revealed to be a magic by Divya and Drishti. They come inside the bus along with Rakshit, everyone in the family gets relieved to see them. Ash and Romi inform them about Ojaswini being an informer of Pishachini. Rakshit says this is a special kind of magic which was done on a person purposefully and forcefully. In this state that affected person cannot do anything in their defence and as a result they have to do whatever the other person is asking for due to the effect of the magic. Divya and Drishti applies there magic on ojaswini and show the bangle which has the lighting effect out so that Pishachini can no longer be able to track them.

Divya asks the entire family to settle down in a bus and she is going to drive it. Divya starts the bus and everybody gets settled in side when Patali comes and jumps on the terrace of the bus without anyone’s notice. She says I have already noticed those two sisters are coming inside the bus, they have no escape from me today and the night is still young for me to accomplish my goal.

Slowly Patali starts to scare the people inside the bus by doing some antiques like keeping her hand palm on the window glass, sometimes she is hanging upside down with her hair open to look scary. She says the more people will get scared of me, the more I will gain power and energy in me. Drishti apply magic on the video classes so that she cannot come inside. Everybody is scared and shouting in panic when Drishti asks all of them to calm down it is the more they will get scared the more power she will gain from it.

Ash says you people have the power to fight and defeat Pishachini and Patali but we are normal human beings how we will even confront them? Drishti says there is no power more powerful than the will power of a human being. A person can do anything with his will power and trust in himself. She ask all of them to chant that we are not scared of you Patali a little loud. So in this way, their fear got away. Patali is creating ruckus and Divya stops the bus and get down from it with the entire family. Patali tries to scare the family people while they cover their eyes and slowly starts to chat that we are not scared of you Patali. The strength of Patali is getting less Divya and Drishti release date not need to apply magic anymore. Mahima, Simmi, Romi and the entire family one by one uncover their eyes and looks into Patali’s eyes directly and says we are not scared of you. Rakshit uses his powers and throws Patali away. Patel is about to get up and attack again when Divya Drishti ask her to check once behind her and she sees the sun is up.

Patali goes from there and Mahima with her entire family press to God to bless them with a new beginning and with new morning. The entire family starts to prepare for Divya Drishti birthday party. Meanwhile Divya is getting some unusual flashes of someone and she is not able to decode it. The prisoner No. 401 escaped from the jail of hell while he has a red Stone with him which is shining. Rakshit asks Drishti what kind of gift she will like to have on her birthday? Drishti says from the childhood days she and Divya always dreamt of a birthday party with a big cake, balloons, glitter and fairy lights.

The house people are preparing all sorts of things which is likeable to both the sisters. On the other hand, Pishachini made another plan to defeat the sisters on their birthday party. In the evening the family surprises the sisters with a grand birthday party. They get happy and excited but soon their excitement fades away with Pishachini appearing there.

Pishachini demands to let her do party with them and play Dandiya or else she will spoil it. Drishti agrees with her terms and saves a losing party in the Dandiya game will leave the house. Pishachini thinks her plan will work but it failed at the last moment.

Precap – Rakshit brings Shekhar home who is actually the prisoner no 401 of Hell.