Divya Drishti 22nd February 2020 Written Update: The kids of Drishti goes missing from the house

Episode starts with Kaal Devta enters the room where the kids are kept. The room is protected with powers and magics but he abolished everything and goes to meet the kids. The kids are crying once he stands in front of them.

He says to them I am your great grandfather and I love you both. He elaborated the entire story in front of the kids. He says to them about the real story of how things happened and how he becomes the Kaal Devta and how Divya and Drishti and their mother Vidya played an important part in the way to get back his Kal Vijay Ratna.


However, the Kal Vijay Ratna got observed inside Vidya and that is why he has to wait for long. He says to the kids, the power of that gem stone is now connected to you people and until and unless I got the gem, I will keep you two safe and sound. Once I got that Kal Vijay Ratna, I will send both of you to hell.

Drishti gets her consciousness back and she wants to meet her kids and Rakshit says to her that we are safely kept in a room under the protection of my grandfather. Drishti still insists to meet her kids for once and Rakshit finally agrees to her demand.

The moment they both went to meet their kids, Drishti noticed that Mahima is going out of the house with their twins in her lap. Drishti gets panicked to see her kids with Mahima as she knows that her intentions are not good. Rakshit says to Drishti it can be one of her traps as I know my kids are protected and secured in another room.

Suddenly Shekhar and Divya comes there and informed, they went to have a check on the kids in the room but unfortunately they are missing. Drishti gets more frantic after listening to this and she decides to go and save her kids but unfortunately she is not able to use her powers anymore.

Divya and Shekhar who went out to search for the kids decided to find out a way through which they can reach out to the kids. Divya calls for medical vijayratna who can direct them the way in which they can find out about the kids of Drishti.

However, the cal vijayratna appears in front of Divya and it directed them to a house where the grandfather of Rakshit kept those child with him in the get up of Kaal Devta. Shekhar says to Divya you will do what I will ask you to do as we have to ensure the safety of those kids.

After sometime, Rakshit who is worried about the health condition of Drishti, puts her to sleep and decides to look for his kids himself and for that he is ready to fight with Lal Chakor. He asks his family members to go away from there and shift to safe zone so that he can do the fight with Lal Chakor without having a fear of losing anybody.

The family members said to Rakshit they will not leave him alone in this hour of crisis. Rakshit calls for Lal Chakor to fight with her. Mahima comes and Rakshit is about to kill her. Mahima does emotional drama in front of Rakshit as his mother and he got distracted from his ultimate goal.

Taking advantage of the situation Mahima turns the table and is about to hit Rakshit when Drishti comes from behind and asks her to back off.

Precap – Rakshit, Divya, Drishti and Shekhar come to know about the real face of their grandfather.