Divya Drishti 22nd September 2019 Written Update: Divya and Drashti both gets a future vision

The episode starts with Drishti is picking a fight with Pishachini purposely so that they can take away Rakshit from there. Mahima comes and takes Rakshit by giving some excuse. Drishti wants pishachini to stay away from her husband and not to address him as ” Rakku Sona” anymore. Drashti comes out thinking that her plan worked but there is a twist. Drishti and Mahima bring Rakshit at the poolside and tries to make him remember his memories. The reflection of Rakshit falls on the pool and it was revealed that Lord Kaal is there in disguise of Rakshit. Drishti gives in the ring which belongs to Rakshit and contains divine powers and ask him to remember something regarding it unknown to the fact that he is not the real Rakshit.

On the other hand, Pishachini brings out the real Rakshit from cupboard and he freaks out at her for locking him up inside. Drishti remembers the words of Rakshit and decides to use her powers as her weapon. She changes herself into Pishachini and goes to fulfill her plan. Rengeeli noticed this and gets shocked to see that how come just she is doing such magic. She informs Lord Kaal the same and he attacks real Pishachini thinking her as Drishti but then Pishachini proves to him that she is the real one. Drishti brings Rakshit out of his room when Divya, Romi, and Mahima keep Pishachini busy. On the other side, Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu in short “NaMa” are watching the sisters from heaven and save that it is time to test their bond and trust with each other. Drishti brings Rakshit in a room and tries to make him remember the past moments they spent together. Rakshit is slowly trying to remember them when suddenly he feels pain in his head and falls on the floor and Drishti gets tensed. She noticed that the centipede is coming out of his ears. She calls Mahima and Divya for help and then lashes out at the former for being careless and not to keep a watch on the insect who is poisonous enough.

Divya gets hard with her allegations while Romi tries to reasoning with them but Drishti is not in a mood to listen to anything. Later on, Drishti gets another vision and sees a girl with a particular sign in hand. She decides to discuss with Divya regarding this matter while on the other side Divya suddenly noticed that light is coming out of her hands and she also gets a mirror vision with the same visuals which Drishti has seen. Divya faints as this is happening with her for the first time. She gains consciousness after some time and decided to discuss the matter with Drishti. Pishachini suddenly comes down with Rakshit and asking all the family members to dance on the music beats and she is purposefully keeping Drishti and Divya away from each other.

However, Drishti finally had some moments with Rakshit and even Rakshit starts to feel unusual and thinks why I am worried about this girl so much? He asks Drishti to stay away from him and not to come too close. Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva say that their real test is going to start tomorrow morning. In the morning sister brings breakfast for Divya and feeds her but both of them failed to notice that the sign they have seen in their vision is imprinted on their hand.

Precap – Rakshit behaves unusually, Lord Shiva says they have more challenges in their way now.