Divya Drishti 23rd February 2020 Written Update: Kaal Devta and Pishachini got killed by Lord Shiv ji

Episode begins with Drishti saves Rakshit from Mahima and fishes you are a black spot in the name of motherhood. She comes forward and saved Rakshit and frees him from Mahima. Mahima tries to escape from the place but Drishti didn’t let her go from there and attacks her again. Rakshit captures Mahima in the circle of magical knives of him.

However Pishachini kills Mahima by stabbing her on the back and she dies on spot and Pishachini gets the gem from her. She says she will now capture the other gemstones as well and will become the most powerful person of the universe.

However, the Shergill family members are trying to find out about the whereabouts of Guruji. They all went to the outhouse of the Shergill mansion and Pishachini is ready to welcome them with Kaal Devta.

However, before they can do anything pishachini dance and magic on them because she got all the three gems and she kills all the family members of the Shergill family one after another including Divya and Drishti. It was revealed to be one of the visions of Drishti and she falls unconscious on the floor after getting it.

As soon as she gets back her senses she hugs Rakshit with all her love. She says to Rakshit about her vision and all of them assured her that things will be fine. On the other side, Pishachini gets to know for the first time that Kaal Devta is none other than Guruji.

She gets shocked to find out about it, Guruji says that it was me from a very long time as I killed your Kaal Devta much earlier.

The entire Shergill family reaches the temple of Shiv Ji to celebrate the occasion of Mahashivratri. Drishti says to the family members that according to her vision, the third eye of Shiv ji is going to open and that explosion will kill all the bad influences around us.

She says I am sure that Pishachini and Kaal Devta will surely come here for the third gem stone. all of them perform the pooja of Mahashivratri and after that Rakshit, Drishti, Divya and Shekhar are performing tandav and dedicating it to the Shiv ji.

After performing the tandav Rakshit says to the family members that I feel they are coming here shortly and now it is time for you all to hide in a safe place because they can use you people against us. Pishachini and Kaal Devta arrived at the place to get the all three gemstones and kill all the Shergills.

Rakshit gets shocked to find out that there is none other than his own grandfather and he is the one who is trying to get the powers of all the three gems combined.

the grandfather of Rakshit attacked him and the other family members including Shekhar, Drishti and Divya and he is proceeding towards the kids to kill them and says to Rakshit you couldn’t even kill your own mother then what you will do to me because the only weakness of good people like you is, you all cannot punish people the way they deserve. Rakshit runs behind him to save his kids and tries to stop him but she was unsuccessful in doing that. Rakshit kills his grandfather and Pishachini grabs the gemstone before Rakshit.

She combines all the gemstones and becomes the most powerful woman in the universe and trying to kill Divya and Drishti.

However, Drishti at the end applies her magic on her and Pishachini got destroyed and killed by the powers of Shiv ji. Drishti and Divya noticed the gem goes back to Shivji and the family members had a happy reunion while the kids of Drishti gets the same powers as Divya and Drishti.