Divya Drishti 24th August 2019 written update:- Betal assigns a task to Divya & Drishti



The episode begins with kids are playing and enjoying with a joker in the office of Rakshit on the occasion of Independence day. Meanwhile, Pishachini is watching them from a distance and trying to identify who is the joker? The main joker of the troop falls on the floor and his face gets uncovered. It was revealed to be Betal and Pishachini sees him. she things now Betal is also here that means the third clue is going to appear soon. Pishachini says today even the victory will be mine and the applause will also be mine.

On the other side Ojaswini announces the next performance for the cultural programme. She calls a group of dancers on the stage to perform for the office staff and guests. Some women come there in tribal clothes with their face covered. The main dancer of the troop and comes up in the front. They start dancing on “Gajar ne Kiya Hai Ishara”song and starts to go from people to people with ring kind of thing in hand. She comes to the table where Drishti, Divya and Rakshit are sitting. She takes Divya with her and engages her in dancing and puts the ring on Rakshit and then goes away. Drishti ask Rakshit where are the kids when Rakshit says they are in the play zone even joker has came to entertain them. Suddenly Drishti notices that the main dancer misses the balance and the ring falls on the floor. She bent down to take it up and her face get uncovered and Drishti gets shocked. It was privileged to be Pishachini who appeared in the office programming of Rakshit. Divya and Drishti both notices when Pishachini tells Divya that is I am here and now I will see how you will save so many people as the bomb is about to explode in some time. Drishti goes to Rakshit and informed him that the main transfer of this group is none other than Pishachini. Rakshit tries to get up but it feels like someone has died his hand and legs both with an invisible wire. Divya says that means Pishachini is doing tricks and magic in name of dance steps and she got you. Divya suggested him to use his powers of Anjaan. Drishti stops him and shares that if you break her magic with your powers then she will try to harm the other family members as well who were present at this party and at no fault. Drishti again notices the kids and the joker. Suddenly the joker informs the kids that the time has come for them to come with him in another room.

Divya and Drishti think that Betal must have kidnapped kids and they run to save them from him. On the other side, Pishachini creates a terror among the people in the party. Things that it is time for her to bring the monkey demon in action. She brings out the drum and starts to beat it. Rakshit sits there quietly and slowly tries to overpower the magic of Pishachini with his own powers. Here, Romi tries to calm down Shekhar from turning into a demon monkey. he told him that it is a it is a war of you with yourself and you need to fight back. he tries to call Divya but before he can call her up Shekhar gets up from the chair and starts to behave like a maniac. Romi notices his colour is changing slowly but he didn’t give up. Lastly, Shekhar has transformed into a demon monkey. Shekhar brings out his real side in front of me and says all he needs is power, gems and Divya Drishti. He attacks Romi and says let’s go and find out Divya and Drishti. Shekhar says if you want to be alive then hold me tightly because if you leave me then you will die.

Here, Divya and Drishti are trying to find out the children and think Betal’s arrival and the absence of the children can be linked to the third step of the game too. Betal arrives in front of them, he gives them a riddle to solve and says you have only one minute to solve it as after this you will not be able to do it at all and then neither you will get signal nor the kids. Divya and drashti successfully decodes the first clue and Betal gives them back the kids. He says now go for the second clue. If you keep on completing one after another then you will be able to save kids. Here Rakshit rescues all from Pisachini’s magic with his powers.

Rakshit rescues all of them and decided to have a check on Romy and Shekhar as Pishachini was beating the drum. They decided to take the people inside the office to a safe place and hence they ask all of them to move towards the main exit. Rakshit says Pishachini unpredictable we cannot take any risk around her. Rakshit finds out that the main door for exit is locked. Hence, the family members of Rakshit ask him to go and have a check on Shekhar meanwhile they will manage the rest.

Divya and Drishti gets and other challenge from Betal to save two other kids. The get ten seconds countdown to complete the riddle and at the end moment day solve the mystery and Betal gives back the life of those kids. Rakshit fails to find out Shekhar and Romi in the room. Shekhar comes at the place where the party is going on with Romi and all the people who were present there gets terrified on seeing him. Rakshit is looking for Romi and Shekhar. Here Shekhar discloses his real identity in front of the whole family. he tells them that he is not the real Shekhar who is their own son but someone planted by Pishachini years ago. He says that bombs are planted everywhere around this building and no one can escape this death trap. Shekhar as monster ape is creating a ruckus in the office and says today Pishachini will get the third jewel and I will get my percentage and after that none of you will be able to be alive.
Twinkle calls Rakshit and tells him about what happened in the hall and also told him about the reality of Shekhar.

Pisachini asks Shekhar to keep an eye on both the sisters and Romi gets to know about their plan.

Precap – Pisachini tries to stop Drishti but she does her work. Shekhar is trying to harm Divya but Rakshit saves her. A bomb blasts in the building.

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