Divya Drishti 26th January 2020 written update: Lal Chakor is killing one after another people in the Shergill house

Episode begins with everybody in the house is disturbed with all over happening. Rakshit says I cannot believe that in the presence of all of our family members, that Lal Chakor is succeeding in killing one after another people. Drishti and Divya are arranging for dinner everybody says that they are not interested in eating something.

No one is interested in eating something while Drishti says why not you people have a cup of tea at least you will all feel better. Suddenly they hear the music of Lal Chakor and they think maybe Pishachini is trapped by Lal Chakor. they all went to have a check on pishachini but realised she is perfectly Ok and somehow she is still in touch with Lal Chakor.

All of them came back to the hall and is trying to find out any other options to get out of this house. rakshith says that all of us are here but Monty is only absent now my doubt on him has converted into confidence that he is the one who is in disguise of Lal Chakor. Rakshit asks everybody in the house to break the walls with all their powers, aggression and dedication.

However in spite of breaking the wall, the wall was built in front of their eyes anybody feels depressed that they are not able to do anything. Suddenly the walls start to break and Rakshit steps back a bit, the dead body of mounting comes out from it and they realised that he is dead and stuck behind the worlds.

Sweety starts to cry and says you people all blamed my husband to be the culprit but he is not. They all are going and blaming each other when they real life they have no other option rather to stick around with each other.

Ojaswini brings food for everybody and says please have something then you will feel better. They all just settle down for dinner when pishachini comes there and starts to irritate all of the family members for her sadistic pleasure. They got another message from the Lal Chakor about the next prey.

Sunny delight window of the house and it is completely dark but Divya with the usage of her powers lights up the entire houses again just like before. While she is lighting up the house a Ray of light attacked Nisha and she converted into a woodpile.

Ashish, the boyfriend of Nisha also met the same fate. another Ray of light is chasing Simran while she is trying to save herself from it. Shekhar also runs behind her to save her but in spite of jumping in the swimming pool was not able to save herself as the light attached her while she is in the water and she also converted into a woodpile in no minute.

The family members are slowly going upset about everything that is happening. They are losing one after another member in a blink of an eye when Drishti decides that she will use her powers to detect who is hypnotized by Lal Chakor.

Meanwhile, she witnessed a vision where everything else is dark and some door kinda thing is closed. Everyone in the house is living in a state of order that what can happen to them.

Rakshit ask Drishti to get some sleep as she must be tired by now while pishachini and Lal Chakor is making another plan for the final showdown. Divya and Shekhar spent a moment with each other when the device says that I always knew you are the real Shekhar. She gives him the good news of Drishti being pregnant.

While they are talking pishachini comes and start student dance weirdly to enter team members of schedule family as she thinks they all are having very less time in their hand to survive. Once her dance is over the wall made on the gate of the house is broken and finally Lal Chakor enter the house in front of their eyes.

Sweety are known to the danger runs towards the door as she wants to elope from the house. Lal Chakor entered and he attacks on her in front of all and she falls on the floor instantly and died. The family members are shaken with the visual in front of their eyes.

Precap – Divya Drishti and Rakshit almost captured Lal Chakor but Pishachini helps Lal Chakor and breaks their magic. Lal Chakor attacked Ojaswini with a sword.