Divya Drishti 30th November 2019 written update Rakshit, Shekhar, Divya Drishti visits the ancestral village of Shergill family

Episode begins with Divya is sitting in the room and thought to say him thank you for helping her. Drishti is walking through the corridor and when she heard a sound of crying and noticed Pishachini is crying and her hand is badly injured. Divya says to Shekhar that she wants to say thank you with a first-aid box. Suddenly Divya noticed a mark on Shekhar’s body and asked him about it but he made an excuse of it. Drishti decides to say about Pishachini to Rakshit but she noticed Rakshit is sleeping. She did some fun prank on Rakshit and pulls his leg.

On the other side, Shekhar is wishing himself Happy Birthday when suddenly he show the family members in coming into his room wishing him happy birthday. Shekhar didn’t understand that how come his birthday and the birthday of the son of this house can fall on the same date? Everyone wish him happy birthday and asks him cut the cake. Divya gifted Shekhar a watch and says hope this watch brings good time in your life. In the morning, all are settled in the breakfast table. There are discussing and expressing their plans to celebrate the birthday of Shekhar. Some of the family members suggested to go for a picnic the other one says let’s have something in the house itself.

Shekhar is thinking in his mind that he is stuck in a bad place and if these people leave him for one day alone that it will be a great gift for him. Suddenly Mahima comes and says to the family members she just got a call from the ancestral house of theirs and gets to know that some people captured that palace of them wrongly. Divya Drishti says that we will try to revive it back from those attackers. Rakshit says to his mother that he and his brother Shekhar will go there to handle the matter but no ladies of the house will be going at that village.

Drishti and Divya get upset with this and Drishti says how come he plans to go to the village alone? Both the sisters somehow managed Mahima to allow them to accompany Shekhar and Rakshit to the village. Pishachini on the other hand is planning something unusual.

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दिव्य दृष्टि 30 नवंबर 2019 रिटेन अपडेट: रक्षित, शेखर, दिव्य दृष्टि ने ने शेरगिल परिवार के पैतृक गांव का दौरा!

All of them come to the village and gets to meet the villagers. They all welcome them with so much warmth and happiness and gives them water and snacks. They asked him about their well being says they have already arranged rooms for them in the nearby lodge. Rakshit shares with Drishti about the palace and his memories of childhood. He says how use to come your in his younger age and have fun.

The next morning all of the four starts to walk through the village and Divya is yawning. Drishti says you are still feeling sleepy whereas look at the villagers, they are feeling so energetic in the early hours of the morning and engaging themselves with household chores. Drishti then herself starts to yawn and Divya made a face and stumbled upon something. She gets shocked to see Ash pots are hanging outside every house of the village which needs to be there when someone dies.

Shekhar is feeling odd as he feels somehow he is known to this place. Later on, Rakshit shares about hiding a webcam in his childhood behind the temple when Shekhar brought out the topic. They bring out it and starts to watch when a villager aunty comes and says we are in danger so please save us and today is full moon night and I am scared. Drishti and Divya went to tackle the bikers at the palace where as Shekhar and Rakshit decides to safeguard the villagers. Rakshit gives Shekhar a magical person to to save himself when they finds out from the old video that is playing on the TV, every villager are dead person walking alive they are in a trap.

Precap – Villagers attack all of them and is going to burn Shekhar and Rakshit when Divya and Drishti comes on the bike