Divya Drishti 9th February 2020 Written Update: Divya and Drishti are back to life again

Episode begins with Rakshit, Shekhar and the family members are performing the last rituals of Divya and Drishti.

Pishachini and Lal Chakor are fighting with each other on who will grab the ultimate jewel? Slowly the family members go away from there but the fire of the dead bodies are still on.


They decided to perform a veneration for the peace prevailing but at the time of performing the pooja, the moment they out a garland on the pictures of both the sisters the garland starts to burn in fire and all the family members are taken aback with shock.

Mahima tries to stop the fire by sprinkling water on it, however the water turned into blood and the entire process of pooja got interrupted. The priests came for the pooja says that the souls of these two persons are still roaming around as they want justice for the sufferings.

He says that I cannot perform this pooja anymore and it is anyway spoiled,so I am going from here. all the family members also went from their while on the other side Divya and Drishti both wake up from their Chita and and unfold their fist.

Both the sisters hug each other and says we are back finally. Drishti says we are bound to come back and look at the pearl in their hand.

There is a flashback shown that the time of coming to the bridge Drishti and Divya elaborated to Rakshit and Shekhar that when they are in the cave of their forefathers. They got these two pearls as a sign of blessing and these pearls will only help them reviving their life anytime again.

Rakshit was not ready for the plan but it says if they ask us to confront death then we have to opt for this plan at any cost. At the time of performing the ritual of their last rites, Rakshit and Shekhar inserted the pearls in the hands of both the sisters so that they will be able to get alive again.

Pishachini and Lal Chakor are again fighting with each other and blaming each other for the failure of the pooja.

Suddenly Lal Chakor listened to the conversation of Ojaswini and Ashlesha who were talking about the complete clearance of beetroot from the kitchen.

Mahima concludes that the blood on the pictures came from the juice of the beetroot only and it must be a plan of Pishachini. Rakshit and Shekhar get to meet their wives Divya and Drishti at the temple and all of them went to a safe place from there so that no one can get to know that the sisters are still alive.

Divya and Drishti get a message from the mysterious star about the upcoming happenings in their life. Drishti says I am getting tense as how will we manage to do all this when Rakshit and Divya assured her that everything will be managed but you don’t need to take any sort of tension right now in this state.

Ojaswini is planting doubt in the minds of Mahima against Pishachini by purposely saying and doing something in front of her but in a way that she thinks ojaswini is talking to the family and not to her.

Divya Drishti come back to Shergill house with Shekhar and Rakshit and both of them decided to hide in the outyard room of the house. Rakshit and Shekhar brought food for them in the night by making Pishachini fool in the kitchen.

At night, when all are sleeping, Divya notices that Drishti is having pregnancy craving and she wants to have mango ice cream. She messaged Shekhar to come and prepare ice cream in the kitchen so that she can come and take it away.

However Pishachini somehow noticed her and followed her to the kitchen. However, Shekhar managed the situation brilliantly by saying that I cannot see my wife Divya then how can you see ? You are hallucinating her and starts to act like he is looking for his wife here and there like a mad person.

Divya runs from their upon finding an opportunity and while going she asks Ojaswini to manage the situation. Rakshit berates Divya for being careless and taking up such a huge risk. Roma comes there and informed that Mahima also wakes up from her sleep and we have to be cautious or else she will get to know about them. Rakshit says I had a plan to tackle her and he conveys it to all.

Precap – Mahima noticed Drishti and says that they are trying to fool us, guruji made a comeback for the safety of both the sisters.