Divya Drishti: Divya becomes Pisachini…But Why.? Check Out!

Star Plus fantasy fiction Divya Drishti will witness edge of the seat drama with Divya turning into Pisachini.

In the show Divya Drishti so far it is seen, Divya and Drishti geared up to kill Pisachini. Both the sisters reached upstairs to kill Pisachini.  Pisachini said she is happy that duo came here to kill her. She asked Divya and Drishti to come closer to her if they wants to kill her.

Drishti shouts at her and says they will punish her because she has killed their parents. Pisachini tells them how she killed their parents. Divya says she has to pay for her sin. Pisachini showed eye to them and they gets scared. The battle started between Divya Drishti and Pisachini.

Divya Drishti uses their powers to kill Pisachini but Pisachini overpowers them. Divya starts fainting but Drishti fighted her back and Pisachini burns and falls down. Divya and Drishti gets up. Divya and Drishti gets happy thinking that they had taken revenge of their parents death but their happiness was short live as Pisachini returns back to trouble them .

In the upcoming episodes will see, Pisachini’s smoke tries to enter the house. Divya and Drishti will wonder how she is still alive as they had killed her. Roomi shuts the smoke in a jar but jar falls down from Rakshit’s hand and Pisachini takes of Divya’s body. Pisachini says she can never die and from now she has taken new birth in Divya. The promo of the same is out too, where it is seen Pisachini enters Divya’s body saying from now Divya is suppressed and Pisachini will rule her body.


What Drishti does to save her sister from Pisachini and What next happens in Divya Drishti, it will be interesting to watch. Keep watching Divya Drishti on Star Plus.

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