Divya Drishti Written Update 13th July, 2019 :- Divya and Drishti tricks Pisachini


The episode starts with Drishti is watching her mother pic and asks her what to do now? Pisachini appears there and says to give her Ratna. Drishti looks at her, Pisachini says if you don’t bring the gem then Rakshit’s father will die. Drishti asks Pishachini that she will be but she has to promise that she will go forever and will never come back. Pisachini says I will go far from here and will never come back but first bring that gem.

Here Divya is crying in her room when her mother enters the room and asks her to understand Drishti’s point of view. Divya says both of us have right on that gem so why no one is ready to listen to me? I will not let my elder sister bring that gem and went to open the door but it is not opening. Later on, Drishti and Romi are going outside when Divya enters from the main door and argues with Drishti for lying to her. Mahima comes there and tries to make Divya understand but she is not ready to listen to her at all and applies her powers on them. Drishti throws Dhutura at her hand, her powers are gone, and Drishti runs from there. Divya also follows them. Drishti reaches the temple and the weather becomes stormy. Divya also reaches there and applies her powers on Romi. Drishti asks her to stop, she asks Drishti to stop. Divya’s mother also comes there and try to make her understand when Drishti tries to go inside the temple. Divya stops her and both of them started to argue with each other.

Pisachini appears there and applies her magic on them and says you two can fight, argue or do whatever you want but I will get the gem today. She went inside the temple and tries to get the gem but she sees no sign of it in spite of her applying powers. She fumes and asks the sisters duo about the gem. Divya blames Drisbti for keeping it for herself whereas Drishti says don’t try to put the blame on me, you already have the gem. Pisachini asks them to shut up and says I will get the Ratna anyhow. Divya walks to Drishti shouting and suddenly says I told you, this plan will work for sure. Pisachini asks what plan? Divya says the plan is to make you fool and keep you engaged with us.

Divya applies her power and caged Pishachini with tree branches. She explained the plan of hers and Drishti to Pishachini in details. She takes out the magical star and shows Pishachini that the gem is with Rakshit at home. Pisachini gets stunned to see all this and fumes in the anger of getting defeated. She breaks the branches and shouts at them. Drishti asks Divya to come with her and let her blabber as she likes. Pisachini says today you will see your adopting mother die. Divya says don’t even try to harm my mother. Pishachini applies her magic but Romi comes in between and makes it failed. Drishti asks Romi to go from there with Divya’s mother. Pisachini makes magic in the air and it takes the form of a venomous Dhutra. It was coming towards Divya but Drishti pushes her back and takes the attack on herself. The dhatura gets stuck on her third eye and she falls unconscious. Pishachini too comes under the effect of it. Rakshit comes there and takes Divya and Drishti with herself.

Here Rakshit’s father gets fit and fine with the help of magical gem and he comes to the hall in normal dress and greets the family. Lavanaya feels surprised to see Chetan alright and thinks that the gem must be in the house and goes to see Pishachini. Just then Rakshit enters with Divya and Drishti. He takes her upwards in her room and all gather there. Pishachini magic is not working, she with the help of Lavanya calls her human ashes.

Here Chetan advises Rakshit to apply the power of the stone on Drishti as well. He diverts the doctor but Rakshit gives it to his father and he gives it to Mahima. Rakshit sits beside Drishti and asks her to wake up and argue with him. Divya also cries for her sister. Mahima gives the gem to Ojaswini and asks her to keep it. She keeps it on the bedside table in front of all and leaves from the room.

Pisachini asks Lavanya to bring the Gem, Lavanya says Ok I am going. She comes to Drishti room and notices the gem, just then Drishti wakes up and calls out for someone presence around her. Rakshit comes to her and hugs her, Divya also comes in. All gets happy when Drishti asks to light on the room, Divya says the light is on. Drishti says then my vision has become dark now. Rakshit asks her to come down whereas Divya cries for her. All come and console Divya when Lavanya hides the gem inside a candy jar on the dining table. Here She comes to Pishachini and informs her she gets the gem and hides it in the jar. Divya asks for the stone, but everyone starts to call another and no one has any clue about it. Divya gets worried. Later on, she comes to Drishti room and asks her to open to her sister without any hesitation as she is with him in every struggle and fight of life. She says I will be right beside you always no matter what.

Precap – Drishti comes to Simran room and asks her to guide her. Simran gulps in candies along with the stone. Pishachini and Lavyana think about a special plan against her.

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