Divya Drishti written update 13th October 2019 :- Divya Drishti inaugurates the war against Patali

Episode begins with Pishachini is looking for Rakshit as he is missing from the place and she is wondering where he can be? Suddenly Rakshit comes out from the other corner of the corridor. Rakshit asks Pishachini where is she? Pishachini tries to find out about Drishti from him but he says he has no idea about her and he is not interested to have any either. Pishachini smiles and Rakshit walks out thinking I come out of hell using my powers but Drishti is still inside, hence she will be in danger if Pishachini noticed her. She must follow me instead of going in the room. Pishachini is going to come in the room but she stopped and follows Rakshit.

Rakshit comes at pool side and sees Patali is drowning Ojaswini. He asks Pishachini to stop Patali from doing all these nonsense. Pishachini says my Patali is playing with these people and Rakshit says she is not playing, she is killing her and in this way it will be impossible to save her. Rakshit feels helpless as he can’t even do magic but Drishti comes there and saves Ojaswini and also challenges Patali to have a one to one fight with her. They both decided to play cricket one to one, so they can decide who is the winner here?

Meanwhile Rakshit signs Divya that Patali’s heart is in hell and the door to hell is in Rakshit room so she should go inside and brings the heart and destroy it, Patali will get finished off as well. Drishti and badali and all set to play the cricket match where is the printed and confronts those dead people walking. She finally be able to get the heart of Patali and that brings an explosion there and all the zombies destroyed. Here Patali fails to take the catch of Drishti and loses and Drishti taunts her saying that I told you that you will end up losing to me. Patali gets more angry and she is about to attack Drishti when Divya says not to step forward for once or else she will have to face the consequences and comes forward.

She threatens Patali to back off and says I have a surprise for you. She shows Patali the hard she has from hell and says see what I brought for you. Pishachini and Patali both of them are shocked to see this when Divya and Drishti attacks the heart causing a huge explosion in the Shergill house. Suddenly the light goes off and Pishachini disappeared with Patali. Patali is affected and she is in pain as well, Pishachini thinks where did the heart go? Even Divya and Drishti freaks out where did the heart go? They try to find it out when Pishachini says if the heart is with nobody then it must be inside someone from us and whatever Patali will go through that person who will bear the same. So in this way she will anyway get to know where the heart is? Drishti gets shocked when she realises that with the touch of Rakshit suddenly Romi becomes normal and all the ice melted. She finds out that the heart is inside Rakshit and then she has a vision where she is stabbing Rakshit. She is startled and thinks she won’t be able to do it. On the other hand, Rakshit comes to know about it and asks Drishti to do what is required. She says she can’t lose him again after getting him back with much difficulty. A worried Drishti strikes a deal with Pishachini. She says she will give Pishachini herself but in return she has to extract the heart of Patali out of Rakshit body.

Pishachini agrees and Drishti asks Rakshit to continue the drama of him being with team Pisachini. Divya and Drishti prays for Rakshit whereas Pishachini is trying to start the process of extracting the heart out of his body.

Precap – Pishachini brings out the heart of Patali from Rakshit’s body. Patali and Divya Drishti face each other in a fight.