Divya Drishti Written Update 14th July 2019 :- Lavanya to get exposed?

The episode starts with Divya asks Drishti to open up about her pains, sorrows and disappointments. She says I know you are harbouring a lot of pain inside you but please share with me. I will always be by your side. Drishti says please don’t tell anybody but I feel so scared and nervous. Everywhere is darkness for me, I am not even getting any hope. Divya hugs Drishti and they spent a nice moment together.

All gathers in hall for dinner, Drishti and Divya both came. Rakshit goes and helps Drishti in eating. Rakshit feeds her. Meanwhile, Simran grabs the candy jar, Lavanya shouts and scolds Simmi in front of all and gets into an argument with Ojaswini.

Here Simran comes in her room.and closes the door. Drishti asks Rakshit to take her to Simran room as she has done with her dinner. Simran is in room when Drishti enters and talks in poetic manner with Simran. Simran comes to hold her hand when she gulps in all the candies. The gem also go inside her and causes hiccups. Simran told Drishti about sleeping. Drishti asks her to sleep and sits beside her. Here, Divya loses her mind over the gem is being missed. Romi comes up and says let’s do a plan and caught Lavanya. Shekhar says let’s involve Drishti as well.

Rakshit comes to take Drishti and sees her beside the pool. He gives her courage and says even if your eyesight is gone, you can still be well enough by using your other senses to the fullest. He asks her to focus on her abilities of listening, sensing and inhaling. He trains her and she reciprocates it well. Later on, she decides to train her other senses as well to compensate her inability of vision.

Here Pisachini in the room is doing magic and rejoices to see her powers are back. She goes to search the gem as well and gets shocked to see Simran is glowing full body. On the other hand, Divya asks permission from Mahima for party. Romi comes with feathers of peacocks and says lizards are always scared of this thing so party theme and decoration will be done with feather as well.

Here Lavanya brings Simran in room where she sees Pisachini. She gets scared and screams when Pisachini applies some magic on her. She stops screaming and laughs on Pishachini’s dress and jewellery. Simran gets ready in a full body court skirt and scarf so that no one can see her glowing by Lavanya. Pishachini declares that the temporal gem will get exploded within one hour. All gathers in hall and wears the mask with peacock feather. Here Pisachini comes in the room of Drishti and tells her that there is a human bomb in the house and it will explode in one hour. Someone will die today and she will be unable to do anything.

Divya comes to take Drishti down whereas Drishti is getting restless to tell Divya about the threat of Pishachini. They come down in hall when Shekhar announces the purpose of the party to be celebrating the comeback of Chetan. Shekhar puts the light off and performs a dance number. Race title song plays in the background. Simran enters the party and whatever she is touching is leaving a glowing sign. She gets collided with Drishti and she hears the sound of anklets but didn’t realised what and who is it? Drishti looks for Rakshit, Divya and Romi but no one is around her.

Lavanya enters the party and gets stunned seeing the decorations. Romi comes to her and compliments her for her looks. He secretly puts a peacock feather in her mask and pest control gas is started leaking in the party which caused Lavanya the uneasy of walking in the party. Simran comes in room and takes off her clothes and goes out while she gets collided with Drishti.

Divya comes there and Drishti tells her everything, they both decides to find someone in the party behaving weird. Here Lavanya starts to behaving in an odd way, Drishti asks Divya to look for someone who is becoming yellow. Divya and Drishti are performing with Lavanya on Shaam hai song… Divya and Drishti is trying to find the human bomb in the party while dancing. Pisachini comes there to look for Simran while she notice Lavanya is changing colors and she gets the plan of Shergills. She decides to do something before Lavanya gets exposed in front of all.

Precap : Chiranjeevi uncle told Divya Drishti that they have only 24 minutes to save Simran.