Divya Drishti Written Update 22nd June, 2019 Divya and Drishti enters Pisachini Den

The episode starts with Rakshit looks for Pishachini and tries to search some hint to get an idea about her next plan. Rakshit then he was in noise and things maybe pishachini is back and he leaves from there. Lavanya is trying maang tikas and says this will not go out my dress and ask for giving her another one. Suddenly she hears the sound of Windows banging and she and Chachi gets scared. Lavanya tells Chachi please don’t hug me my makeup and jewelry will get spoiled. Chachi asks her to decide about the hearings as soon as possible as the time for marriage is coming near. Lavanya sees chipkali on the window and says I get scared of chipkali and shouts. Chachi and Lavanya argue about who should go and kill the typically but at the end, Lavanya sprays on the chipkali and Chachi fainted.

Divya Drishti is in a car with Simran where Drishti ask her about the bridge and request Simran to guide them. There also trying to make her relax but she got scared on hearing about spidernet in the poem which Drishti is reciting. She blabbered about some noises and says the sound is like temple bells. Drishti asks Simran to relax whereas Divi asks Drishti to check on a map which bridge have temples in their territory. Divya turns on the radio to relax Simran.

Rakshit is in hall where the marriage arrangements are being done and his mother comes and tries to pacify him. They are reminiscing about their old memories. Rakshit monologue about marrying again and he says that I will bring my father back. Divya ask Simran to remember about the temple. Simran asked to change the song in the car. Divya suggested to search for the temple separately. Drishti says as per Chiranjiv uncle we need to reach before sunset and look for the alive ashes of Pishachini. I will not let Rakshit sir get married once again.

marriage preparations are almost done and pandit asks to bring the bride for the marriage. Rakshit says I sat for this remarriage because I want to know what will be Pishachini get by this and what harm this can cause to Divya and Drashti? Pishachini arrives there and says Rakshit and lavanya are getting married swaha…. Lavanya will fulfill my plans swaha….. Rakshit plan will get destroyed swaha…

Drishti says something is really wrong when Divya changes the song on the radio. Simran shouts and says this is a song that is playing in the temple that day. They get that they have to go to the Ganpati temple for searching about Pishachini ashes. Divya stops the car before the bridge and Simran shouts seeing it from the car. Divya and Drashti somehow convince Simran and get her out from the car and start reciting poems. Simran reacts instantly and shows them the coconut tree they are looking for. They went below the bridge and gets near the coconut tree where black coconut drops from the tree.

Here in the house, everyone is looking for Divya and Simran and when they find out that they are missing they started panicking. Romi sees chipkali outside of Lavanya room and get scared and goes from there. Hair Daksh manages the situation by pretends to talk to Divya over the phone. He assures the family members that both Divya and Simran are fine and Divya has taken her for a long drive.

Drishti came back and keep Simran the car and ask her not to come out in any situation and goes back below the coconut tree. Divya and Drishti argue over the last ray of sun and Divya say that Chiranjeevi uncle is a fraud and they are unable to find the last ray. Drishti comes down Divya and says let’s look for it around. Divya goes further and finds out black soil and call Drishti just when they see that the light of the moon falls on the black soil finally they got the last ray of light.

Here in the house, Lavanya was brought down for the marriage Rakshith mom says that you are looking beautiful today. Lavanya sits and gives Rakshit flying kiss. Here Divya and Drishti start digging the soil when Divya says I will use my power. Divya says that I am getting tired please see if you can find something in it. Drishti sees something and asks Divya to come and check. They get a secret door and open it. Drishti bosen and then she calls Divya also to come in. They entered the den by using mobile light. They proceeded further and finally, Divya locates something covered. Drashti comes forward and finally find the alive ashes of Pishachini.

Drishti is going to apply kerosene and Divya is going to light the matches when Pishachini appears there from the box. She laughed and said how you can think that I will not get to know that you people have come here. Here marriage of Rakshit and Lavanya has started where Rakshit has a flashback that he already bribes the pandit to do a fake marriage with keeping everything related to it fake. Pishachini applauded Divya and Drashti for coming here there and able to find her ashes. Pishachini made a circle of fire around Divya and Drishti. Pishachini asks Drashti to give her the black stuff then she will rescue Divya.

Divya stands up and uses her powers to divert Pishachini and Drishti comes out of the fire circle and takes the box of ashes. Pishachini attacks Divya with a knife and Drishti shouts Divya’s name. Lavanya is changing her skin colors slowly while taking the rounds around the fire. Divya and Drashti come out of the den and is about to escape when Pishachini appears in front of them. Pishachini separates the sisters when Drishti suddenly goes missing. The district comes in a car and asks Simran to go home and make her remember a poem. She tells her that go back home and recites this poem in front of Rakshit.

Marriages happening in full swing when pandit ask to take out the veil of the bride to apply mangalsutra and sindoor. Lavanya stops her mother in law and says that she is praying and until her prayers are not done she will not take off her veil. finally she and covers her face and Rakshit makes her wear the mangalsutra and puts sindoor on her hair partition. Pishachini is torturing Divya in the jungle and says that Drishti has eloped living far behind. she says that now I will kidnap you and blackmail Drashti that if she wants her sister alive then she has to give her kalvijay Ratna.

Precap – Pishachini tells Lavanya to bite Rakshit at night and helps her to get the Kal Vijaya ratna. Drishti comes to save Divya but Pishachini is fighting with them.