Divya Drishti Written Update 7th July 2019 Chetan to comeback in his family

The episode starts with Drishti seeing the vision of Mahima killing someone with a sword. Romi comes forward and asks from where Mahima mam got that sword? Rakshit declares that is his property and it magical. Mahima enters the room and attacks the family members present in the room. Divya, Drishti Romi, Shekhar, and Rakshit heard noises of someone screaming in fear and runs in that direction. Simran comes out of the room running and screaming when she gets collided with Drishti. Simran says that badima is up to kill all the people out and she is running from there. Divya realizes that attack was initiated and she in a way to stop it tries to use her powers. She steps on the thread where the dudhara is being tied up and suddenly her powers are gone. She steps back and again her powers are back, she gets confused about what is happening with her. Meanwhile, Drishti notices the thread and checks it and realizes that this is the thing which is preventing them from using their powers.

Drishti throws it away and Divya uses his powers and stops badima from causing harm to anybody. All gathers in the room including Drishti, Rakshit, Shekhar and Romi and Romi takes away the people one by one from the room. Divya uses her powers and locks Mahima inside the closet in the room and asks everybody to assemble in Rakshit room so that they will be safe.

Simran is running on road screaming help and shaving is on the verge of getting hit by cars. Meantime, she comes in the front of Divya’s mother car and is about to get hurt when a beggar comes in front and saves her. Divya’s mother took Simran along with that person and her car and proceed towards the house.
Here Pisachini notices that the sword is with Rakshit and creates an illusion to take that away from him. Shekhar sees Romi is hugging Divya and proposing her and he gets angry until Drishti comes there with Rakshit and tells this all created by Pishachini to divert us.

Pishachini comes in front of the door and tries to unlock Mahima but her magic is not working on the magic of Divya. She asks Chipkali aka Lavanya to help her in getting out Mahima from the room. Lavanya transforms into a lizard and goes inside.

Simran comes home and she gets attended by Drishti and Divya along with that beggar for doing his first aid. Lavanya brings back Mahima out of the closet and asks her to do her assigned work. She proceeds further with an angry face. Drishti asks Divya to take her mother in Rakshit room while she will give some money to the beggar. Everyone in the room talks about seeing random lizards in the house and discuss to do pest control soon. Suddenly they realized that apart from Lavanya everyone is present in the room. Simran says my Santa is back when Rakshit asks her to tell everything in detail. She says I was going to get hit by a car but he came and save me, he is my Santa.

Drishti here is giving money to the beggar when Mahima enters with a sword and attacks her but that person came in between. Rakshit screams papa and holds the beggar. Divya uses her powers on Mahima and then make her fall on the ground. Mahima is finally got free from the effect of the magic when she realizes the person lying down in front is none other than Chetan, Rakshit’s father.

Pisachini appears there and tells everyone the real identity of Rakshit, Divya and Drishti and how they always save the family for her trap. She says that her every plan got flopped because of them. Then she announces that without the help of Kal Vijay Ratna you won’t be able to save Chetan.

All gets worried, Drishti tells everyone in the room about her and Divya and how they got separated from each other. How their parents got killed for this when Rakshit mom hugs Drishti asks for sorry for not trusting her enough and scolds her always.


Divya and Drishti come in a room and cries when Divya says I will not give Kal Vijay Ratna as for this we suffered all along. I can’t forget what all we went through when Drishti suggests taking the graha’s advice. He advises them about upcoming enemies and also says there is another enemy who already entered the house. The door of hell is going to open, hence there will be another one who is as powerful as Pisachini and only that can save Chetan. Later Divya and Drishti talks and calculates with each other to conclude that Lavanya can be a Lizard and they have to keep an eye on her. Divya says I am ready for everything but I will not bring Kal Vijay Ratna.

Precap: Divya gets angry on Drishti and attacks all with her powers for cheating with her and Divya says I will not let the sacrifices of my parents to go in vain.