Divya Drishti Written Update 9th November 2019: Divya gets trapped in Pishachini conspiracy

Episode begins with Pishachini is asking Murari to convince the family members for an outing and in return she will save him from the wrath of Lord Kaal. Shekhar comes to the dining table for breakfast and Ash asks Divya-Drishti to say sorry for doubting her son Shekhar. Shekhar says I will accept the apology only on one condition that is you people have to take me out for a family picnic, the entire family agreed in one instant. Pishachini gets impressed with Shekhar presence of mind. He comes to Rakshit also dressed like him and says I don’t want to look left out and I want to be like you.

Shekhar says you are also a son of this family and your happiness matters to us not how you dress up or behaves. You please be comfortable in the way you want to look. Shekhar suggested to Rakshit to shower love on Drishti and patch up with each other. Shekhar comes to Pishachini and says I do manage them to go out of the house moreover I also managed Drishti, she will be with her husband and I will bring Divya also.
Pishachini says good job and goes vanished from there. Here, the entire family reached their farm house for celebrating picnic. Pishachini here is planning something malicious against Divya. She does some magics and discovered a magical knife. She says today no one can save Divya from my trap. They reached the picnic spot too and Shekhar sees them and wonders what they are upto?

On the other hand, Shekhar goes to Divya and says to make things fine between Drishti and Rakshti he has a plan and he needs her help for the same. Divya agrees to do as per his say for the sake of her sister and brother-in-law. Rakshit suggested to play pass the parcel among the family members but Drishti doesn’t agree at first but then she agrees on seeing the majority of the family members are ready to play it, including her own sister Divya. They all get settled on the couch to play Passing the parcel while Romi plays music for them.

Mahima gets out on first instance and she was assigned dance by the family members. She agreed to do it, Shekhar asks Rakshit to loose in the next round as per their plan to spend some private moments with Drishti. In the next round, Rakshit gets out and everyone asked Drishti to assign him any tasks. She says impress me now to Rakshit and he does magic and creates a dreamy world for her and she gets happy while the family members adore their happy moments with each other.

Drishti behaves like she is not much impressed while she is so happy inside and Shekhar signs Rakshit to follow Drishti. Shekhar brings Divya in an area where Pishachini comes to attack her. She asks Shekhar to run from there without wasting any more time. Shekhar does the same but he noticed Pishachini caged Divya inside her magic. Divya tries hard to get out of it but she was not able to. Suddenly Pishachini attacks her with a knife and it seems like it stabbed Divya. Drishti is busy with Rakshit as they are romancing with each other. Divya calls for Drishti and Rakshit and Drishti reaches there a bit late and sees Divya is taking out a knife from Patali’s body.

Drishti says to Divya not to think much about all these. Rakshti also reaches the place and helped Divya and Drishti and counter attacks Pishachini. Lord Kaal reaches there and says for murdering Patali they have to appear in the court of hell and prove their innocence or else Divya have to go to hell for committing the crime. They all are back in the house and Divya tries to seek help from Shekhar who is the eye witness of the whole thing. He in fear of going back to hell didn’t say anything and denies to see things.

Precap – Pishachini frames Divya falsely whereas Shekhar says he will bring out the body of Patali.