Will Harman return back in Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki? | Highlights of the Week!

Colors TV Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki is doing well again on the TRP chart. And the reason is show is breathing fresh after the leap.

Serial few days back took 5 years leap and story is currently focusing on Heer.( Heer is Harman and Mahi’s daughter, who is Transgender). Preeto and Saumya after learning Heer’s identity decide to hide her truth from everyone.

Now if you follow the show than you must be well aware of the current track which is revolving around Heer’s safety because Vedant re-entered Saumya’s life and to win her back he is trying to abduct Heer.

Vedant to accomplish his mission sends Arjun to Singh House to keep an eye on Heer. Harak Singh appoints Arjun, as Heer’s body guard. Saumya tries to cross check Arjun but Harak ask Saumya to stay away from Heer. Other side, Mahi is filling Harak’s mind against Saumya and Preeto.

Well, nowadays show is witnessing high voltage drama. This week it is seen, Vedant joins hands with Mahi and plans against Heer and Saumya. He gets succeed in abducting Heer by distracting Saumya by calling her, as Harman. Further, Vedant ask Saumya to come to meet him else he will harm Heer. Saumya rushes to save Heer.

Vedant ties Saumya and takes away with her. Heer ask Vedant to leave Saumya and informs Preeto about the same. Preeto, Heer, Rohan and Arjun rushes to save Saumya from Vedant. Saumya gets rescued. Ahead, Singh family celebrates the Navratri festival. Harak Singh, Preeto, Saumya and others misses Harman. Heer ask Preeto about Harman. Preeto says Harman will return back for her sake.

Saumya gets teary recalling her moments with Harman. She talks with Harman’s photo and asks him to return back. Raavi too prays in front of the God and ask to do some miracle and return her brother. Ahead, Vedant tells to Mahi that it is getting difficult for him to hide from the police. Mahi suggests Vedant to become Kinnar. Other side, Preeto gives gun to Saumya and asks her to practice shooting, as her safety is important too.

Here, Vedant disguise as Kinnar and without getting caught enters Mallika’s house successfully. There, Preeto gives Heer boxing gloves and Heer gets angry on Preeto. She throws the gloves and Saumya ask her to apologies for misbehaving with Preeto. Saumya gets angry with Heer. Heer gets angry on Saumya too.

Saumya matches Heer’s traits with Harman and self-talks. She says if she wouldn’t have been Kinnar than Heer would have been her and Harman’s daughter. Meanwhile, Mahi clicks an idea to take Heer away from the family and handover to Vedant. But at the nick of the time Saumya stops Mahi from taking Heer away from her.

Do Mahi will be able to fail Saumya’s plan or Saumya will succeed in stooping Heer? Time will only tell. So, above is the highlights what all happened this week in Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki. In the upcoming week will see Mahi will betray Vedant. What Vedant will do next will be interesting to watch.

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